LG recently sent out PRs to major US tech outlets containing an announcement that they've manufactured the world's first Quad High Definition display (Quad HD AH-IPS LCD. Not to be mistaken with qHD).

LG's Quad High Definition Panel
LG's Quad High Definition Panel
The panel concerned sizes up to 5.5-inches and will only be 1.21mm thick with a minimum bezel of 1.2mm, making it the both the world's slimmest and narrowest panel (making it 12% thinner than the LG G2's). It also measures with a mind-boggling 2560x1440 resolution with 538ppi and 430 nits. How's that for resolution?

Whether our eyes can differentiate the pixels or not, QHD is this year's display-defining moment. Looks like 1280x720 panels are soon to be rendered obsolete, considering they've just started coming out in local, more affordable smartphones. Hopefully this would also be available in 4.7-inch panels.


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