Nokia Lumia Amber Software Update Rolls Out

Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows 8 all over the world will soon be able to experience Amber, a massive software update from the Finnish phone giant. It will deliver a wide range of new and improved features and apps such as the Nokia Glance Screen and a better camera experience.

Among Amber's major updates are the following:

Improved image processing
Nokia Smart Camera
Nokia Pro Camera
Nokia Glance Screen
Flip to silence
Double-tap to unlock
Storage check
Faster map updates

Exact software update deliveries will vary per region, carrier, and smartphone model, but Nokia expects full rollout by the end of September this year. If you're keen on updating though, go to your device's ‘Settings’ -> ‘Phone Update’ area.

As a closer, the Nokia Lumias 520, 620, 820, and 920 Amber software updates from Sun, Globe, and Smart respectively, are just awaiting approval. Owners of said devices from these carriers may experience the update soon.

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