Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

Cherry Mobile announced last July their Cosmos premium smartphone line which consisted of Android devices with fantastic displays, cameras, and battery lives, not to mention how each of them physically looked great. That considered, the company seems to be releasing products at a spectacular rate—not necessarily a bad thing, since majority of local consumers are continually expressing interest and support.

Among the four launched, I must say it's the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 that attracted me the most. It's got my perfect display size preference, a beautiful build, and of course dual SIM capabilities. It also has a good specs-to-price ratio—very attractive to those looking for a steal. If you're planning on taking one home, you might be interested in this Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 review.


The Cosmos X2 definitely is one of the best-looking smartphones Cherry Mobile came up with. It's a solid, elegant piece of equipment. In contrast, it's also one that has slightly departed from the traditional, bar-looking smartphones the company usually releases.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 shares some traits with the Samsung Galaxy S3, especially the display (more on that later), making it extra gorgeous to a design-conscious. The device's face boasts a 4.8-inch display, a physical home button—paired with two haptic buttons on each side, a front-facing camera, a couple of the usual sensors, a discreet-looking earpiece, and of course a notification LED that unfortunately, blinks only one color—white.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

Turning over the device reveals the device's plastic shell, its 18-megapixel rear camera, and a loudspeaker grille. Although nothing much more can be said about the backside, its simplistic elegance is where the Cosmos X2 banks its money. The plain, not-over-the-top logos also add to the good taste as it doesn't hog all the attention, instead complementing the overall back design. Be warned though: The plastic back picks up all the fingerprints and grime from everything. Nothing an occasional cloth wipe couldn't fix.

The highlights of the sides meanwhile are the volume buttons and the sleep/wake button. Compared against contemporaries, the design departs from the usual thin, bar buttons, and opts to feature sharp edges, featuring a gun metal color. The 3.5mm audio jack and the micro USB/charging port are found at the top and bottom sides respectively—perfect placements for accessibility.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

The device, for all its sexiness, has some weird and sudden tapers, like how the display's bezel abruptly ends and the body takes over (that for others would look like excess plastic), and how the rear's sides taper down at a more than 90-degree angle. That considered, the device's handling isn't affected at all; at 4.8-inches it's very easy to maneuver with one or both hands.


The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 boasts a display that's also found in the Samsung Galaxy S3—an HD Super AMOLED display. Touting a 720p resolution, it's one of the finer displays we've seen in a while, and that's coming from a person that have already held multiple HD smartphones. The 4.8-inch display itself  is already small, relative to today's standards, but I personally consider it the perfect size.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

The Cosmos X2's sAMOLED is absolutely stunning. The color reproduction is well done, as blue, red, and yellow tones show up in the display quite nicely. Blacks are well drawn, but somehow whites have a slight blue tinge. It's got acceptable sunlight resistance, as we had to go full brightness to view things on the display normally (we had a screenguard on, adding to the sun's glare therefore reducing visibility). Also, if you're touchy about viewing angles, you won't go wrong with the Cosmos X2 as it reproduces the same colors at whatever angle you flip it.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

At its dimmest, the Cosmos X2's display is still relatively bright. Reading from the screen at the lowest brightness setting in a dark room is painful; you have to have an external app to assist with brightness reduction (I personally use Lux) or enable Night Mode in the app you're using.

Lastly, while we aren't exactly sure if the display is protected with Gorilla Glass 2, I think it's fair to think so since the Cosmos X2 shares the same display as the Galaxy S3. You can say that the "borrowed" display adds to the prestige of the device, but you cannot discount that this is a totally different smartphone and as such, stands up for itself quite nicely.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 runs on and enjoys all the benefits of stock Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. What's interesting is if, since the smatphone itself includes a software update app, this device will enjoy updates if ever Cherry Mobile plans to deliver a 4.3 (or on a very hopeful note, Android 4.4 KitKat) release over the air.

The HD sAMOLED display has 10 multitouch points and has nothing but great sensitivity.


With quad-cores flooding the local market nowadays, one wouldn't be surprised that the Cosmos X2 is equipped with the same 1.2GHz quad-core processor plus 1GB RAM configuration other smartphones in Cherry Mobile's roster carries. There's no secret about it: The Cosmos X2 is one powerful device (relative to others in its range). How powerful? Let's find out.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 gets rated 13539 by AnTuTu, just a hairline above the Nexus products (excluding the LG Nexus 4).

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review AnTuTu

Quadrant Standard's rating for the Cosmos X2 is a solid 3934 while it takes the cake at the Passmark benchmarking at 2366.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Quadrant Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Passmark

Frame speed isn't a problem, with the device fetching a respectable 45.8 fps at NenaMark 2.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Nenamark

On more stringent tests, the Cosmos X2 scored 1478/510 on Vellamo's HTML5 and Metal tests, while it got a 1557 at 3DMark's Ice Storm Extreme test (Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 17706, HTC One X: 3233). If your phone manages to run and finish the Ice Storm Extreme test, be proud. It's one of the most brutal benchmarks for Android in my point of view.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Vellamo Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme

Regular usage of the device brings a smooth and clean experience as everything is snappy, fast, and optimized. But this fine-tuned mobile isn't without its quirks. For one, it's missing two vital files, rendering the device unable to check-in locations using the Foursquare app and lack of location-tracing at the Google Maps app. It's fairly easy to fix, though we've heard that there would be a patch fix for it soon.

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Somehow related to the missing files above, the Cosmos X2 lacks the Developer Options feature on the Settings app. It could bring a host of problems to a budding developer, such as the inability to turn on USB debugging. Turning on other options for personal preferences are of course, also gone. We don't know if the phone itself is set up to be this way or if another party removed access to the options. Nonetheless, it's a blow to the development active.

Audio and Video

With its 720p Super AMOLED display, you're sure to have a good visual experience with the Cosmos X2. It would deliver to your expectations with fluid, non-pixelated transitions, seamless forward and backward playback in an instant, with a powerful speaker to boot.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

On the audio department, the loudspeaker equipped on the Cosmos X2 is pretty powerful, as it could fill a room, notifications and rings included (you can feel sounds of explosions mildly tremble on the device's back plastic shell). Highs and mids are decent, but the lows sometimes thin out (bass, etc. We played Skillex's Devil's Den and Kyoto for your information). Above average overall.

The earpiece on the Cosmos X2 is good as you can hear the person you're talking to loud and clear with a whole, natural sound. It's a different story on the stock headphones however (it's always a different story with most stock headphones). We recommend purchasing third party headphones, you'll be better off that way. Just make sure the headphones you're going to purchase is compatible with the Cosmos X2 (and in that vein, compatible with all your smartphones).


Smartphone reviews aren't going to be complete without tackling gaming performance and experience, to which the Cosmos X2 performed excellently.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

Forget installing Temple Run 2 and Minion Rush. We skipped the basics and installed heavyweights immediately, such as Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger 2, Modern Combat 3, NBA 2K13, and Asphalt 8. Not surprisingly, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 performed as expected and ran all the mentioned games quite well.

The only moment we recall this smartphone started gasping for air was when we ran Asphalt 8 on maximum settings. It coughed frequently while driving with all those bells and whistles. Regardless, it was no challenge playing the game on lower intensities.


The Cosmos X2's 18-megapixel BSI-equippped rear camera with AF and flash is one strong suit of this Android. Admittedly only interpolated, it produces good results, especially when you capture images in well-lit environments (timing considered).

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

The camera's dashboard it what you'd see in Android Jelly Bean devices. It also has panorama and HDR shots. Regarding image quality, colors are correct, and moderate noise would only show on extremely blown-up images taken in well-lit areas. Raw photo samples below.

While I previously mentioned in another review that the Cloudfone Thrill 450q has the strongest flash in all of the local smartphones, the Cosmos X2 comes a close second because it's flash is also seriously bright and very commendable.

The camera is also able to capture 1080p quality video. It's decent enough to produce clear quality videos for personal viewing.


As if the experience brought about by the Cosmos X2 couldn't get any better, the device one ups itself again with spectacular battery performance.

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 sports a 2200 mAh Li-ion removable battery that packs a whole day of usage inside it. So far, this is th only local smartphone with this battery rating to last lengths of time without recharging.
Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

If you'll take battery saving to the extreme, this device would blow past the 24-hour barrier easy. As with my experience, I used the device regularly with alternating brightness (from moderate to maximum only) and with 3G, WiFi, and background apps running, and it returned with 15 hours 30 minutes, with 7% still remaining. On continuous gaming/video viewing, the device would last around 6-7 hours.

Recharging the device, on the other hand, would last 2-3 hours, depending on the rating of your charger.

Other Features

The Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2, similarly with the Samsung Galaxy S3, boasts a Smart Call and Smart Stay feature (Smart Call makes the phone dial the number of the person you're texting immediately by just placing it near your ear. Works great if you block the sensor with your hand too. Smart Stay on the other hand makes the device's display turn or on off by tracing your facial/eye movement). While I cannot guarantee the experience I had with the Smart Stay feature, the Smart Call works flawlessly. It's a feature I actually have a use for, not just a gimmick.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

The handset also features a couple of value-added apps such as the Cherry Play app and the Cherry Mobile Fun Club app. While the latter sells daily Feng Shui tips for P2.00/SMS, the former offers free apps and games (most of which are of poor quality).

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

On top of its already 16GB internal storage, the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 has an up to 32GB microSD expandable card slot. It also has two standard SIM slots for maximum network usage.


Display, hardware, internal storage, and battery performance—these are the four primary traits potential owners are looking for in a smartphone. Sadly, not all releases out there conform to a consumer's personal standards, instead the local mobile market provides hits or misses, the "either you like it or not" smartphones. Fortunately for Cherry Mobile, the Cosmos X2 is among one of the bright spots a user can wholly rely on. It's powerful enough to run whatever you throw at it, it provides for two network support, and it even offers more memory on top of the already existing 16GB.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 Review

Without taking anything from the Cosmos X2, it has a few issues of its own, which we feel—partly because of its already technical nature—aren't enough to push away the average buying crowd.

Its reasonable price at P11,699 (SRP) not only provides freedom of choice for people seeking more out of their smartphones, it also proves that power and quality can be met at a lower price, sans the premium fees international brands command. To this we say the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 is truly a piece of work and is here to stay for quite some time.

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