If You Still Haven't Used Your Globe Rewards, You Should

A few days ago we were able to try Globe's value-added Rewards service. It's a simple program for postpaid and prepaid subscribers that enable them to get more value out of their mobile consumption. What we tried though is more than the usual: Globe had a double Rewards Points event wherein 1 Rewards Point = P2.00 in participating partner stores. We rushed to Glorietta 4's cinema to find out.

Upon arriving at the venue, we already saw lots of streamers about the double Rewards Points experience. There were also multiple Globe Rewards promodizers informing Globe subscribers about the value-added feature they can use at the venue instead of shelling out cash.

On reaching the counter, we told the cashier that we will be using Globe Rewards to pay for movie tickets (for the Frozen movie). If we paid with cash, we would've downed P660.00 easy. But thanks to Globe Rewards, I paid only 330 points. That's the double value the company offered that day.

So, if you want to have a field day on malls and partner establishments without using cash, use Globe Rewards. To check your Globe Rewards balance, text BAL to 4438.

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