Soundfreaq Introduces Four New Bluetooth Speakers, Starts at P3,950

Wireless speakers specialist company Soundfreaq recently introduced four new wireless speakers for the local audio market, namely the Sound Rise, the Pocket Kick, the Sound Spot, and the Double Spot.

Sound Rise

Soundfreaq Sound Rise SRP 4,450 Philippines
The Sound Rise, simply put, is an alarm clock and a Bluetooth speaker in one. It allows you to stream music to the speaker while getting out of bed. It also features a charging port for your smartphone or tablet so you'll never run out of juice while playing songs or movies.

The Sound Rise is available for P4,450 (SRP).

Pocket Kick

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick SRP 4,550 Philippines

The Pocket Kick is Soundfreaq's Sound Kick just made more portable. It's your traditional looking Bluetooth portable speakerbar, but with the Soundfreaq touch. It features a rechargeable battery that would last you up to 10 hours and a built-in mic, making it capable of teleconferences, if that's your thing.

The Pocket Kick is available for P4,550 (SRP).

Sound Spot

Soundfreaq Sound Spot SRP 3,950 Philippines

The Sound Spot is one of the more portable audio devices from Soundfreaq. It's designed for smartphones or tablets with mobility and a audio anywhere setup in mind. It also looks stylish for its size, as other wireless Bluetooth speakers in its range only feature circular and metallic styles. For what it's worth, you can connect two Sound Spots together to create a sort of a Double Spot, which is discussed below.

The Sound Spot sells for P3,950.

Double Spot

Soundfreaq Double Spot SRP 7,950 Philippines

The Double Spot is essentially two Sound Spots combined, delivering a rich audio experience all while offering Bluetooth convenience. It has a Tone Control feature that lets you select three equalization presets and can last you up to 6 hours of playtime.

The Double Spot is available for P7,950 (SRP).

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