Techmisan App Aggregates Local Tech Blog Updates, Delivers Content Straight to Your Android Device

Isn't it hard surfing different tech sites from your smartphone's browser? Don't you wish it was a lot easier, like perhaps those tech sites were listed in an app where all the updates are delivered real-time and already readable in-app? Local Android app developer Felmar Salon from Soft Dev Salon has an answer: Techmisan.

Techmisan - a portmanteau word derived from "technology" and "chismisan" - is a news aggregator aimed at local tech enthusiasts (these range from smartphone junkies to PC modders and whatnot). While the idea behind the app is not new (Flipboard and News Republic comes into mind), it's certainly brings a breathe of fresh air since the dev is a Filipino, and that the sources the app pulls updates from are also Philippine-based tech blogs. In fact, this blog is listed as one of Techmisan's news sources.

Techmisan, for all the news it brings, is also quite well thought of. It has all the features you would see on a Western news app like Pull to Refresh, a sidebar list feature, live syncing, light and dark themes, and a whole lot of other backend customization options like Image downloads on WiFi only. The whole app itself looks polished enough design-wise and is also wonderfully fast and stable.

Bottomline here is that if you want your local tech news rounded up into one app, you should try Techmisan.

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