Capturing Mazda’s KODO Drive Philosophy

When looking into car websites and even magazines, you’ll ask yourself the question of how they get those amazing shots? The photos are beautiful to appreciate the car even more, tires are so fast that it’s spinning, there’s a trail of light left behind and color black is very black in details.

Recently, we were invited by Mazda Philippines in cooperation with Fujifilm Philippines to do an automotive photography class. Using the latest Mazda vehicles mainly the Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and the CX-5, all equipped with the latest Mazda Skyactive technology and KODO design philosophy.

Recently, Mazda has made a lot of changes with their vehicles both inside and out. The Mazda KODO design philosophy talks about the new design of their cars which mainly means Soul in Motion, this shows movement and aggressiveness. Figuratively speaking when looking at the cars, its moving even at standstill.

At Green Canyon resort clark Pampanga, we were equipped with Fujifilm cameras to capture three types of photos. Basic shots that captures the body of the vehicle, Capturing details that shows specific and unique characteristics of the vehicle and KODO in motion which is capturing the vehicle in movement.

We were thought by automotive photographer Mr. Mikko David in tips and tricks in taking the shots we need. Overall, our photos should show a story and sharp details that shows distinction of the vehicle. Each category, every participant should submit one photo as entry.

In doing the shots, we were challenged in how to be creative. Everyone showed their competitive spirit and let out their creativity in getting the perfect shot. Here are some shots in what we did in the workshop.

Going out in the sunroof, windows and even the rear doors we’re all used just to get the perfect shot we need. Don’t worry, we did this in a closed and slow speed (only 30-40km/h). It’s enough to get blur shots without using excessive high end cameras.

Here are the entries we’ve submitted

Basic Shots

Capturing details

KODO in Motion

Playing around with the camera settings from shutter speed, exposure, aperture, zoom and even using raw files for better photos. We experience all of these using our Fujifilm cameras, we personally like the X30 series where it’s light and compact compared to other mirror less cameras we used.

Everyone enjoyed their workshops and all came out winners. Kudos to the Mazda and Fujifilm team in showcasing a more than the usual car event. We are now more appreciative of not only performance of cars, but also fine details in photos and movement.

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