New LG Airconditioner Fights Mosquitoes Using Ultrasonic Waves, Sell for P36,495

Who says airconditioners can't be used for the fight against dengue?

Electronics company LG Electronics recently launched the Mosquito Away Residential Airconditioner locally. Simply put, the Mosquito Away RAC repels mosquitoes while keeping you cool at the comfort of your homes. The AC does this by via an internal speaker that generates 30kHz ultrasonic waves that keeps mosquitoes at bay. This frequency is completely harmless to people, and will only affect the peskiest of mosquitoes.

The anti-dengue air conditioner has been tested by Dr. Pio A. Javier, Research Professor of the Crop Protection Cluster of University of the Philippines, Los Baños. Test results showed that the LG RAC is capable of repelling indigenous mosquitoes, the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti, at a very high success rate of 82.71 percent. That's probably even at par with your conventional mosquito coil.

Electricity-wise, the Mosquito Away RAC features a low voltage starter that enables the unit to save energy by using a lower voltage when in lower temperatures. This is perfect for both summer and rainy seasons as it will always keep you cool when it's hot, and keep you dengue-free when mosquitos start breeding.

The LG Mosquito Away Residential Airconditioner is now for sale for P36,495 for the 1 HP variant and is avaialble at major stores and appliance centers nationwide.

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