Top 5 Fighting Games for Android this 2015

We've been a PlayStation nation since the early 1990's. I remember the very first PS console I had like it was just a week ago. Then we moved on to the Sony PlayStation 2, the Playstation 3, the PlayStation Portable, then the PlayStation Vita. One thing common across all these consoles are its huge selection of fighting games - and when we say fighting games, it's mostly about the latest Tekken or Street Fighter installment. However, with the recent industry shift to mobile gaming, we're having more and more fighting games available on the Android platform (and the graphics are getting more awesome by the month too!) So here's our top 5 fighting games for Android.

Real Boxing

Most likely inspired by the Fight Night series on the PlayStation, Real Boxing brings the best boxing graphics I've ever seen on Android - and it still holds true today. It's now free (I bought it for $1 last year), but it allows for in-app purchases for stat buffs. Gameplay is simple, and the learning curve is very low - you just tap and swipe with the goal of knocking your opponent out. Anyway, if you're asking, there's no Pacquiao playable here.

The King of Fighters-A 2012

The King of Fighters series are probably among one of the "kings" of the arcade centers back in the day, when arcade token machines were still popular. SNK Playmore brought the franchise to Android in both free and premium versions. There's a wide range of options and characters available (including crowd favorites Iori and Terry), though the biggest thing missing is multiplayer action. For that, you can play up to three characters in a true KOF fashion, plus the fact that the controls are a breeze to learn.


If you were a teenager back in the late 90's, you'll probably go nostalgic when you hear the names Sophitia, Siegfried, and Taki. You're not alone. Among the first 3D games ever  (right up there with Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Virtua Fighter) that brought critical acclaim and innovations to the fighting genre, Soulcalibur is also now playable on Android. Preceded by Soul Edge, Namco's beautiful fighter is now in HD and sells for a whopping $14 (that's PHP 600 to us in the Philippines).

Soulcalibur was initially released on Dreamcast, then re-released on Xbox 360, with the latest incarnation available on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.   

Injustice: Gods Among Us

With all the Marvel merchandise in the Android platform, it was very necessary for Warner Brothers to bring the DC platformer to mobile. Originally for the PlayStation 4, you can now play as Superman, Batman, or various DC superheroes (and villains for that matter) on your Android device. Graphics are awesome as expected - any less of the flashy colors of laserbeams and fancy moves would be sad. However, controls and gameplay mechanics are boring, with taps and swipe mechanics running your characters with a very limited moveset. Given that this is mobile, it's understandable that it was watered-down because of performance limitations.

Marvel Contest of Champions

With the surge in popularity of Marvel characters in the recent years (for the most part thanks to movies and lots of reboots), it's a given that another Marvel merch will go to mobile, and go to mobile it did. Answering Warner Brothers' Injustice: Gods Among Us, Marvel Contest of Champions offers users to experience playing Wolverine, Ironman, or the recently popular Star-Lord in a three-team battle, conquering maps that house other Marvel superheroes.

The game's plot is predictable, the controls and movesets are dumb, but the graphics are stupendous. It's basically the same with Injustice: Gods Among Us, save for new mechanics, like having the opportunity to get 4-star heroes like Deadpool. However, it's a freemium that, after 2 to 3 chapters in, essentially pushes you to do in-app purchases because you can't get past certain stages, even with "leet" skills. This game will nevertheless fly because who doesn't want to play as Spiderman?

So that's it for our top 5 fighting games for Android. What's your favorite game among the listed?

Image credits via their respective owners.

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