LG Introduces Expanded OLED TV Lineup at IFA 2015

Global electronics giant LG recently introduced their latest OLED TV lineup at the IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany. This includes the first OLED TV in the world with 4K resolution. Among the models announced are the 65- and 55-inch 4K OLED TV sets - the EG9200 and EG9100 respectively - and another 4K OLED featuring a curved design (EF9500).

LG Introduces Expanded OLED TV Lineup at IFA 2015

These modern-age TV sets will utilize LG's Self-Lighting Pixel Technology, ensuring a perfect black against bright colors, making the sets a great match for viewing HD content.

Both the EG9200 and EG9100 will also feature next level aesthetics as both TVs are reportedly slimmer than any smartphone to date, making it suitable for most room environments. Surprisingly, these also carry Harman/Kardon feature speakers, provided its thinness.

Additionally, the EG9200, EG9100, and EF9500 will all feature LG's latest smart TV platform, the webOS 2.0. It allows the user to personalize the TV menu, and also enable a simpler and more intuitive navigation.

LG's new range of 4K OLED TVs will start rolling out at major global markets this September, and will be available in select markets in the coming months.

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