Hack and Slash PC RPG Titan Quest Appears on Play Store

Mobile dev DotEmu, known for porting a multitude of old PC games to smartphones, have done it again, this time by porting the decade-old but well-received Titan Quest to Android. This comes after another popular game, Final Fantasy VII, was outed on the Play Store.

Hack and Slash PC RPG Titan Quest Appears on Play Store

Titan Quest, simply put, is a graphical upgrade to Diablo 2, where you fight mythical creatures in a very huge world to explore. Similar to the PC version, there's lots of customizations and items to be had. And what's mind-boggling here is that all this adventure is going to happen on a display the size of your palm.

Early birds however have complained of massive lags in-game, even with top-end smartphones and lowest resolution settings. There's also allegedly no gamepad support, so put those Mogas and iPegas back in the shelf.

Titan Quest currently sells for $6.99 - and that's apparently the launch sale. Expect it to get a price bump-up when the launch period is over. Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dotemu.titanquest

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