ASUS Opens First Concept Store in Boracay

There aren't many tech brands that open up shop at the heart of tourist-heavy areas (because really, who's going to think of buying a smartphone at the center of the beach when all you're thinking about is a vacation?), but ASUS begs to differ.

ASUS Opens First Concept Store in Boracay

ASUS Philippines recently opened its first ASUS concept store in D’ Mall Boracay, bringing its latest products and innovation much closer to the locals of Western Visayas, and to tourists from all across the world alike.

Here's what ASUS Philippines Systems Group Country Manager, George Su has to say: “ASUS Philippines is driven by its vision to bring technology closer to people to meet their evolving demands – and opening the first ASUS concept store in Boracay is a testament of our commitment to this promise". He adds, “Our fans can expect more Zenfone and ASUS concept stores will open in the next few months, and this will come with exciting activities so everyone can continue to celebrate these milestones with us.”

So the next time you're in Boracay, and your non-IP68 smartphone drowns in the waters, head to the ASUS Concept Store in D'Mall and buy a new one. It'll get you top-notch beach photos, too.

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