TJS Daily, one of the top 100 websites in the Philippines (#65 - Jun 2011, #34 - May 2012, #21 - 3 Jul 2012, is a blog primarily concerned with the latest games and the hottest gadgets the world has to offer.

With an Alexa Global Rank of 185,990 (3 Jul 2012), TJS Daily pulls in 330,000 viewers monthly all around the world.

About our audience:

TJS Daily attracts 300K+ tech and game-savvy readers with the latest news on tech, gaming, and gadgets. These readers are:
  • Most are around 18-24 years old
  • Viewers are mostly male, some female
  • Have searched for information related to the newest smartphones, games
  • Most consider themselves as looking for reliable information
  • Majority of the viewers are from the Philippines, followed by the US
About our ads:

The following map shows the ad spaces (showed in green) TJS Daily is currently offering. (Click image to enlarge)

Available ad formats:
  • 468x60 ad banner
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  • Text link ads
  • Blog contest sponsorships
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