Jolour Driving School - D.S. For Those In Mandaluyong

I decided to make this post because of the difficulty I had when searching for a cheap but quality driving school here in my city Mandaluyong. So I'll give my driving school a favor by posting their information here. I'm a student of theirs. It's just a small driving school actually, Unlike the A1 Driving School. Plus, it's not as expensive (see: cheap but quality). I hope this would be helpful for would-be drivers here in Mandaluyong. So here (these are verbatim from their brochure BTW):

Jolour Driving School
"Best Quality Driving School For Beginners"

Registration Office
#759-C Boni Ave. Mandaluyong City
Near Unciano Hospital before Edsa
Tel. No. 383 21 44
Cel. No. 0915 976 5540 / 0927 468 1452

Free Lecture, License Assistance

Courses Offered

Beginners Course:
15hrs P5,850.00
10hrs P3,900.00

Refresher Course:
7hrs P2,700.00
5hrs P1,950.00

Rush Course:
4hrs P2,000.00
5hrs P2,500.00
6hrs P3,000.00

Accredited by LTO Govt.

Qualifications And Requirements For Student Permit*:

•16 years old and above
•Must be physically and mentally fit to drive
•Photocopy of any of the following:
a. Birth Certificate
b. Marriage Contract (for married female student)
c. Passport
d. SSS Card
•TIN ID or BIR Form 1902
•2 pcs 1x1 ID pictures.

Note: This is not a paid advertisement or promotional ad. They didnt' pay me to do this. I just decided to post their information myself because of their lack of information. If you search the web, you can find info on the Jolour Driving School but only their telephone number. No fees, no nothing (unlike A1 who has its own website). Plus, Ma'am Lourdes and Sir Jo (the owners of the place) are very good persons.

*On my experience on acquiring my student permit: You just need your Birth Certificate xeroxed, your TIN, and P317.50. No need to bring pictures. You'll get your picture taken inside the LTO office. No worries. Just wait for an hour or more. It will be done like pasta. But when applying for a driving school be sure to bring one.

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  1. hey, tnx for posting this. big help! :)

  2. This is great! I will definitely review this school and tell it to my friends. Thanks for posting!

  3. Do you also assist in getting the License afterwards? Thank you

  4. Don't enroll there! Well, their rates are not that cheaper compared to Smart Driving School, but the quality of lessons are way far. I experienced 3-days 2-hr actual driving there, as in "driving" in 1st gear, no other techniques/cues from the instructor. That's why I decided to enroll to other driving school -- Smart. My 1st day (1 hour) there sums up my 3 days (2 hours each) lesson in Jolour, not to mention their unprofessional instructor who I later on found out to be the husband of the owner.

  5. I enrolled in this Driving School and the instructors are not friendly. I only attended 4 driving lessons and even if I paid in full I did not continue my driving lessons in Jolour. the instructor would compare you to the other students and no patience at all in teaching the students.The service is very very bad.

  6. I agree with Ola. Been driving for 10hours actual yet still on the first gear. So I decided to transfer in other driving school in just 4 hours I learned.

  7. Sobrang Bastos ng mga instructor dito at walang pakialam sa estudyante. Hindi rin professional and approach. I will definitely not recommend this driving school.

  8. The worst experience in driving and I won't forget the times na magmmake face ang instructor and sasabihan ka na ang driving ay common sense at sa tingin nya wala kang skill sa driving.. Edi WoW kuyang magaling Ikaw na... at wala sila pakialam basta nkabayad kna kung hindi ka pumunta ok lang at hindi ka tatawagan o ittext. the worst Driving School in Mandaluyong.

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  10. This blog was extremely helpful. I really appreciate your kindness in sharing this with me and everyone else! theorie den haag halen

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