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With the global financial crisis and all, it's very hard to land even the most simplest white collar job. Back here every job fair is arrived upon by thousands of people, both old and young. Most of them are fresh graduates. And most of them won't complain what their job describes so long as they have work.

Good news is, one of my net buddies noticed me of this site. It's called ojtcareers.com and its purpose is to help students get an on-the-job training for their future careers. This website offers a multitude of OJT openings, from communications courses to manufacturing to nursing. What's cool is it's updated now and then. Their last update as of this writing is 26 June 2009.

So if you're looking for a starting career which you can latch on to the future or if you just want experience what working feels like, try applying at ojtcareers.com. Who knows? This may be your stepping stone to your dream job. With all the jobless people out there, this will surely help boost your credentials.

'Till my next installment.

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