Life In Taborea: The World Of Runes Of Magic

Every now and then online RPGs come and go. Some claim to be pioneers of something, some claim they'll bring something new. But wait, maybe you're asking yourself right now "then what does this Runes Of Magic game has to offer if you're pointing out stuff like that already?" Simple - it would let you live a different life, MMORPG-wise.

I always wanted to be a knight in real life. Seriously. I even dreamed of going to England to be knighted by Her Majesty. Back then when I used to play other MMOs, I'd always choose something tantamount to a knight - mostly sword wielding characters. Or sometimes, you have to grind your way up from a starter character to a battle-scarred knight.

Fortunately for me in Taborea, I'll become a knight in no time. Not only that, I can become a healer knight, a warrior knight, and the best of all if I'd say so myself, a magician knight! Imagine striking your sword with the mightiest of dragons and the largest of golems. And if your sword is not enough, call upon the elements of the lore to back yourself up. Now that's what you can call the MMO life. No more much grinding to be something you badly want to become, no more confusing quests, just a straightforward answer for a very simple desire.

Everything sounds easy so far right? No. Living the Taborean life sure ain't easy. To stand up to the name of the knight, you must ready yourself to the challenges Taborea will throw at you. I learned it the hard way. From the bustling castle-town of Varanas to the sheer cliffs of the Dragonfang I'll make my name. To further down the nail to the coffin, one must be war-hungry, ready to pounce at every opportunity to solidify his name in the land. Soon after much bloodshed, I'll be known as the one who stood, the knight.

It's not all violence and chaos in Taborea, again, no-siree. What I do like to do when I'm not engaging in battles is to tour the country side and be in awe as I watch the magnificent glory of the wonderfully crafted Taborean nature. Every now and then I find myself riding my warhorse, not to battle, but to watch the spinning windmills while the cool mountain breeze kisses my sweating skin. Not to mention the gorgeous lasses that decorate the cities. Where else can you find such finely clad damsels? Only in Taborea squire, only in Taborea.

Now, if you're not familiar, Runes Of Magic is the latest MMO e-Games Philippines has to offer. It boasts a myriad of monsters, quests, and landscapes. It even lets you ride mounts to your choosing. Maybe you desire a tiger. A giant bird perhaps? Well, it all depends on you. You're the one who's going to live in Taborea, you're the one who's going to take a life. Now squire, pick up your sword. Pick up your sword, embrace the oracle, and meet my steel.

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  1. Nice entry - a good description of what an ideal role of a knight must be. I'd like to go to England too, not to be a knight but just to see the royal family :)

    If you have the time, please drop by and comment on my entry too. Good luck to us both. Thanks!


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