Sony Unveils The PlayStation Move

Here at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco yesterday, Sony officially teed up some details on their long-rumored motion-sensing controller for the PS3. They’re calling it the PlayStation Move and hoping it’ll make you forget all about the Nintendo Wii. To work with your PS3, the Move needs a PlayStation Eye camera attached to the console and, of course, games that have been designed to take advantage of the new technology. A second wireless controller similar to the Wii’s nunchuk is also part of the Move ecosystem. At the presentation, Sony showed a handful of unfinished titles that will eventually work with the Move, including a version of their SOCOM military shooter, a Wii Sports-like collection of activities, and a party game.

The Move looks like a wireless microphone festooned with the familiar PlayStation square, triangle, circle, and x buttons. It also has couple of other buttons, including a trigger like the one found on the Wii remote. The Move’s distinguishing characteristic is a plastic sphere on top of it. This lighted ping pong ball is what the Eye camera uses to track the controller’s movement and changes color, presumably to make it easier for the Eye camera to follow it (or to just make it look cool).

The Move is a huge step for Sony and will result in an explosion of games that you’ve never seen before, at least on the PS3. Already, dozens of third-party publishers have signed up to develop games for it so when Sony releases it this holiday season for under $100, there should be no shortage of ways to play around with it.

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