CONGRATULATIONS! Class of 2010 - By Daniel Escurel Occeno

Right before graduation days in the Month of March reports of how the Philippines is a backward country and will never develop are published in newspapers of print and on the Internet. The proof usually is the results of aptitude tests taken by students.

My desktop Microsoft Encarta 2009 defines an Aptitude Test as a test of suitability for work: a test to determine whether somebody is likely to be able to develop the skills required for a specific kind of work.

The foundation of the psychological test is answers of goals of a student or future dreams of employment. The better dreams the better chance of success of the development of a third world country. For example wanting to be a brain surgeon is weighed more than wanting to be a construction worker, but we need more construction workers to develop infrastructure and build buildings for growth.

The Philippines has a surplus of Medical Surgeons. Many have to work overseas. Imports work for construction companies building new housing and high rises.

Because native born Filipinos’ ambitions are not nuclear scientists, military drone software developers, or fusion reactor physicists; there is a brain drain in the Philippines.

Countless of Filipino children would rather be successful in the entertainment industry such as singers, TV personalities, and movie stars. We must have a brain drain because those types of professions are really not mentally challenging or competitive enough to develop a Third World society out of poverty.

Filipino grown ups do not worry about it. We can still be a G-20 country meeting the demands of our children’s dreams.

Developing “Broadway Theatres” in Metro Manila has started, but developing a lucrative industry was believed to be near impossible.

The Theatre District in New York with 40 large professional theaters with 500 seats or more can be duplicated and constructed in Metro Manila, but the successful profits creating jobs while adding to a domestic tourism industry is the marketing challenge.

The largest bulk of customers for our domestic tourism industry is the well-educated professionals such us teachers and scholars that would rather vacation to a Broadway musical than relaxing in sandy beaches. Target marketing these demographics of loyal customers should get the Philippines Pesos churning.

Domestic tourism and domestic trading will create the monetary flow to become a G-20 country.

The 20 best economies in the world: 19 countries plus the European Union are the members of the G-20. GNP, GDP, and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) are important to be in the G-20. Do not worry about the measurements. Worry about increasing Income Spending and Income Saving, jobs creation for the people.

The making of movies for TV, the distribution of television (local TV and local cable TV), broadcasting of radio, the recording music industries, and making blockbuster movies have created giant conglomerate entertainment industries like Sony, Time Warner, Disney, and Viacom helping make the United States the best economy in the world.

We can do that in the Philippines and the experts can claim we have a brain drain. I would not care as long as our children can memorize their lines while looking convincing live on stage, performing on TV, and acting on the big screen.

How do you teach our eight and under long term memory to recite that screenplay would be recommended to the Department of Education to find out and teach.

Friends in college at Mizzou were told by their parents to get real college degrees and after they graduated they can pursue TV or movie careers. (They must have been from wealthy families.) Several were engineering majors and wanted to go to Criminal Law and do TV after graduating with multiple degrees.

In the mid 1980s television shows and Hollywood movies were flooded with lawyers, crime drama, and high technology Science Fiction blockbusters. I wonder why?

To be an actor in character you still have to learn and craft your skills. That would take brains not apathy.

Pinewood Studios (Dracula, Batman, and James Bond movies) in England is my model for the future, to emulate in the Philippines.

Picture giant warehouses, a shell of walls well ventilated, painted bright white inside. The rooftop will collect rainwater to be stored in water tankers. The stockpiled water will be used for indoor filming of close-ups for tsunami, flooding, and disaster films with ceramic pebble beds to purify and re-use the water for future scenes.

Inside, mostly everything portable to make movies all indoors using “movie magic” or software technology manipulation is the idea creating jobs for skilled laborers to build sets and duplicate scenes to produce the realism and the fantasy with miniatures if needed and giant parts when warranted; but it will be filmed all indoors with no typhoon problems unless it is recreated in a scene, indoors.

How do we pay for it?

I have been recommending for the super rich to consider the idea as an investment added to their portfolio.

There is Jollibee Foods that could start an indoor studio for family and children similar to Disney but in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific can even venture in movie making to create a domestic tourism industry with their indoor studios.

For local TV, local Cable TV, and indoor studios in the regions outside Metro Manila or Metro Cebu, the community can start a cooperative.

A cooperative is an association of persons with common bond of interest, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a lawful common social and economic end. -, the free Philippine encyclopedia on the Internet.

We have film studios thriving now. Bigfoot Studios is located in Lapu-Lapu City in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

We have several teaching the industry like the International Academy of Film and Television is Asia's Premier Film School, located on the island of Mactan in Cebu, Philippines.

The graduating Class of 2010 interested in pursuing dreams in making movies or becoming a thespian can do so without going ABROAD.

Dream your dreams. Live your life. Stay and build a kingdom in my birth country.


Daniel Escurel Occeno is a writer for children in the Philippines.

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