Blaze Union: Story To Reach The Future [J] CW Cheats

_S ULJM-05503
_G Blaze Union: Story To Reach The Future [J]
_C0 Inf Move
_L 0x002C40BA 0x00000063
_C0 9999 HP Garlot
_L 0x1034D89A 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034D89C 0x0000270F
_C0 9999 HP Siskier
_L 0x1034D912 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034D914 0x0000270F
_C0 9999 HP Jenon
_L 0x1034D94E 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034D950 0x0000270F
_C0 9999 HP Aegina
_L 0x1034DA02 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034DA04 0x0000270F
_C0 9999 HP Medoutel
_L 0x1034D98C 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034D98A 0x0000270F
_C0 9999 HP (Book mage)
_L 0x1034DAF4 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034DAF4 0x0000270F
_C0 9999 HP (Tiger Man)
_L 0x1034DC1E 0x0000270F
_L 0x1034DC20 0x0000270F
_C0 some cards 5000 pow
_L 0x10342B04 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AFE 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AE2 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AE8 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AF0 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AF6 0x00001388
_L 0x10342B22 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AF8 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AE4 0x00001388
_L 0x10342B0E 0x00001388
_L 0x10342B10 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AFC 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AD8 0x00001388
_L 0x10342B08 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AE6 0x00001388
_L 0x10342B1E 0x00001388
_L 0x10342AEC 0x00001388
_L 0x10342B06 0x00001388
Thanks to arkcute22 for the codes.

'Till my next installment.

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