Charice on Glee? Nice.

Well, I want to congratulate Charice Pempengco for making it on the Glee auditions. I'm sure she'll be a very welcome addition to the show, considering she had already made her presence felt in the US. What's more is everybody seems fine with it, judging how well the US received her Pyramid song and her performances. She's so well received now in fact that she doesn't look 18 no more. We're so used to seeing her as a young plain kid with an excellent voice. Now you can't distinguish her properly no more. Her appearance drastically changed for the better. She's so USA right now she looks like she was living in Los Angeles since birth.

Imagine where that kid has gone to. I believe in cloud nine. Think about it: She started at an obscure talent show in a TV station, just to become second to Makisig Morales. No doubt Makisig Morales is talented himself, but man, you gotta feel small about yourself if you were him. Think of the facepalms Makisig is doing to himself everyday. He was supposed to be number one here, he was supposed to overshadow her. Well, until that fateful day came on Ellen. It was a roller coaster ride for Charice then on.

Charice's US appearance on Ellen

Look at how well off Charice is now. She has a top listing single, a fantastic album, a wonderful life to live, and lots of friends. Notice how those friends increased through the days. She has friends, and "friends." Just take the ABS-CBN roster which failed her for example. Before she became somebody everyone was all about this and that. Now that Charice is all the rage, ABS-CBN stars suddenly became "friends" with her. That's how show-business works. She became what these ABS-CBN hypocrites will never become. I'm not saying all ABS-CBN talent are hypocrites though. Some only, not all.

And we're not starting yet with people that live on crab mentality. Yes, they are hating Charice and for various reasons. Some say she will destroy the show (Glee) while others say she's just a plain loser. How silly can you get? Well, she was a "talent show" loser. That's passe. But as far as I'm concerned she's one of life's winners. Can't blame other people for being envious and jealous and all.

Again, Charice, congratulations. Hope you do well in all your present and future endeavors. Just try to stay on the ground and try to remain humble for all reasons. One thing is for sure: You'll sell high on Glee. That's a fact.

This is proof that when you play your cards right and you use your God-given talent properly, you'll reach heights you never even dreamed you would reach.

'Till my next installment.

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