DJ Max Hot Tunes: A Prelude to DJ Max Portable 3

Just a few days ago, DJ Max Hot Tunes was released on the PSP. It contains all the supposedly best hits of the DJ Max series.

I played it already and I gotta say, it's a DJ Max International and DJ Max Portable 2 mash-up. It features all the modes in Portable 2 with the addition of the 4B Lite mode, in case if the already easy 4B mode is still too difficult for novice players.

With that said, nothing's changed pretty much. The game's interface, play, and songs would ring a bell to long time DJ Max players. New players would find it challenging, especially when trying to unlock the perks in game e.g. additional characters with effects which sadly, Clazziquai and Black Square failed to offer.

Hot Tunes in its coming is a prelude to a newer and better Pentavision masterpiece: DJ Max Portable 3. Says PM Studios:

Get ready for more finger twisting fun. PM Studios announced the next entry in the DJMax series. DJMax Portable 3 is coming to PSP on UMD and as a PlayStation Network download later this year.

PM Studios tells us DJMax Portable 3 is a true sequel. DJMax Portable 3 will have unique modes, 50 + songs, and a yet to be announced new feature.
So there you have it. Another game to look forward to later this year. Well, I'm enjoying Hot Tunes right now. I'm still excited to play DJ Max Portable 3 nonetheless.

'Till my next installment.

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