Final Fantasy IX [E] CW Cheats/CHEATPOPS PSN Version

Paste these codes on your CHEATPOPS.DB.

The game comes in 4 files that represents the 4 discs of the original game. Just change the disc ID to the below when you're gonna switch discs.

_S SLES_02965 (Disc 1)
_S SLES_12965 (Disc 2)
_S SLES_22965 (Disc 3)
_S SLES_32965 (Disc 4)

Finally, enjoy the cheats:

_S (Copy paste disc ID number above in here)
_G Final Fantasy IX
_C0 Reverse Joker Command
_L D0073930 ????
_C0 Infinite Gold
_L 8008B7B0 FFFF
_C0 Max Gold
_L 8008B7B0 967F
_L 8008B7B2 0098
_C0 All Items (GS 2.2 Or Highe
_L 5000FF02 0001
_L 8008B7C4 6300
_L 8008B7C4 6300
_C0 Skip Published Square/EA L
_L D00A7208 AAB7
_L 800A720A 2400
_C0 No Random Battles (Overwor
_L D00A897C 1821
_L 800A899A 2400
_C0 No Random Battles (Everywh
_L D0038DD0 202A
_L 80038DD6 1000
_C0 Walk Thru Walls (Overworld
_L D00B0FB8 A021
_L 800B0F06 2400
_L D00B0FB8 A021
_L 800B0FC2 2400
_C0 Walk Thru Walls (Everywher
_L D00C378C 3021
_L 800C3792 1000
_L D00C378C 3021
_L 800C389A 1000
_C0 Can Run From Boss Battles
_L D00C1A40 3572
_L 800C1A2C 00C2
_L D00C1A40 3572
_L 800C1A2E 2402
_L D00C1A40 3572
_L 800C1A52 2400
_L D00BAECC 11C2
_L 800BAED2 1000
_C0 No MGC Stones Required [No
_L D01EFFEA A222
_L 801EFFEA 2400
_C0 Infinite Item Usage
_L 80027EB6 2400
_C0 Enable Equip Option [Note
_L D01FBF88 0001
_L 801FBF88 0101
_C0 Infinite MGC Stones Everyo
_L 50000990 0000
_L 3008B2A3 0063
_L 3008B2A3 0063
_C0 Unlock Abilities Everyone
_L 50000990 0000
_L 3008B296 00FF
_L 3008B296 00FF
_C0 CARD/Max Wins
_L 80083248 7FFF
_C0 CARD/No Losses
_L 8008324A 0000
_C0 CARD/No Draws
_L 8008324C 0000
_C0 CARD/Have 1 Of All Cards (
_L 50006406 0001
_L 3008324E 0000
_L 3008324E 0000
_C0 CARD/All Key Items (GS 2.2
_L 50000902 0000
_L 8008B9C4 FFFF
_L 8008B9C4 FFFF
_C0 CARD/Time 00:00:00
_L 8008B02C 0000
_L 8008B02E 0000
_C0 Max Level Up
_L 801F7AD0 967F
_L 801F7AD2 0098
_L 801F7AD4 FFFF
_L 801F7AD8 FFFF
_C0 Hyper Mode
_L D00E9EF2 9043
_L 800E9EF2 2800
_L D00AEA0A 9044
_L 800AEA0A 2800
_L D00AC692 9044
_L 800AC692 2800
_C0 Always Win Card Game
_L D00AFCB2 2403
_L 800AFCB0 0000
_L D00AFC86 2403
_L 800AFC84 0000
_C0 Complete Chocographs Over
_L 8007AFA8 0000
_L 3007AFAA 0000
_C0 All Chocographs
_L 3007AFAB 00FF
_C0 All Chocographs Completed
_L 8007AFA8 FFFF
_C0 Finish With Max Time in Ch
_L 80076F74 0E75
_L D0073930 0200
_L 80076F74 0000
_C0 Infinite Time In Chocobo H
_L 80076F74 0001
_L D007BBC4 0009
_L 80076F74 0000
_C0 Chocobo MOD [Note 4]
_L 3007AFAF 00??
_C0 Jump to Finish Line in Hip
_L D0073930 0300
_L 80077F74 1400
_L D0073930 0300
_L 80077FA0 1400
_C0 Chocobo Hot & Cold Modif
_L 8007AF68 ????
_C0 Press R2 For 1:00 (Chocobo
_L D0073930 0200
_L 80076F74 0E2E
_C0 Max (Chocobo Hot & Cold
_L 8007AF60 FFFF
_C0 Chocobo's Beak Level 99
_L 3007AF7B 0063
_C0 No Key Items [Note 7]
_L 50000902 0000
_L 8008B9C4 0000
_C0 No Key Items [Note 8] B00
_L 0002 00000000
_L 8008B9C4 0000
_C0 Chocobo Can Land Anywhere
_L D0073930 0800
_L 800CCD38 0098
_C0 Call Chocobo Anywhere On T
_L D0073930 0001
_L 800CCCD8 3570
_C0 999 AP After Battle
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F0C84 03E7
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F0C86 3403
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 800FDF38 03E7
_C0 65535 EXP After Battle
_L D01F0C70 C320
_L 801F0C6C FFFF
_L D01F0C70 C320
_L 801F0C6E 3404
_C0 Level 99 After One Battle
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7A9C 967F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7A9E 0098
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7AB8 967F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7ABA 0098
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7AC4 967F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7AC6 0098
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7AD0 967F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7AD2 0098
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7ADC 967F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801F7ADE 0098
_C0 Thievery Does Max Damage
_L 8008B7BA 1000
_C0 Upgrade Cards (Best For Pl
_L 801FF9F0 FF00
_L 801FF9F2 03FF
_L 801FF9F4 FFFF
_C0 Upgrade Cards (Best For Co
_L 801FF9F0 9C00
_L 801FF9F2 03FF
_L 801FF9F4 FFFF
_C0 Retain Cards [Note 13]
_L 301FFA04 0000
_L 301FFA40 0000
_L 301FFA7C 0000
_L 301FFAB8 0000
_L 301FFAF4 0000
_C0 Have 1024 Jumps In Jump Ro
_L D0073930 FCEF
_L 30077E8C 0004
_C0 Have 1024 Jumps In Jump Ro
_L D0073930 FCEF
_L 30077E9C 0004
_C0 All Nobles Watching And Qu
_L D0073930 FCBF
_L 80077E7E 0C80
_L D0073930 FCBF
_L 80077E8A 0032
_L D0073930 FCBF
_L 80077E82 0032
_C0 All Nobles Watching In Min
_L D0073930 FCBF
_L 80077E7E 0C80
_C0 Queen Is Impressed In Mini
_L D0073930 FCBF
_L 80077E8A 0032
_C0 FF9 Checksum Bypass (Allow
_L D01F982C DEFE
_L 801F9836 2400
_C0 Perfect On Any Card Game (
_L 80008000 A021
_L 80008002 0200
_L 80008006 2415
_L 80008008 0014
_L 8000800A AC40
_L 8000800C 0001
_L 8000800E 9053
_L 80008014 0008
_L 80008016 03E0
_L D0073B9A F0FF
_L 800ABF0A 2800
_L D0073B9A F0FF
_L 800ABF02 2800
_L D0073B9A F0FF
_L 800ABF04 2000
_L D0073B9A F0FF
_L 800ABF06 0C00
_C0 Best Card Stats (For Playi
_L 50006406 0001
_L 3008324E 0000
_L 50006406 0000
_L 3008324F 00FF
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083250 00FF
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083251 0003
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083252 00FF
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083253 00FF
_L 3008324E 0000
_L 3008324F 00FF
_L 30083250 00FF
_L 30083251 0003
_L 30083252 00FF
_L 30083253 00FF
_C0 Best Card Stats (For Colle
_L 50006406 0001
_L 3008324E 0000
_L 50006406 0001
_L 3008324F 009C
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083250 00FF
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083251 0003
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083252 00FF
_L 50006406 0000
_L 30083253 00FF
_L 3008324E 0000
_L 3008324F 009C
_L 30083250 00FF
_L 30083251 0003
_L 30083252 00FF
_L 30083253 00FF
_C0 Have 98 Frogs [Note 14]
_L 8008B7B8 0062
_C0 C1/Always In Trance Mode
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F38 4000
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F74 21FF
_C0 C1/Super Status
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F36 20EC
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F38 4000
_C0 C1/Infinite HP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F24 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80098668 270F
_C0 C1/Infinite MP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F26 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 8009866E 270F
_C0 C1/ATS Meter Always Full
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108F28 12C0
_C0 C2/Always In Trance Mode
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109008 4000
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109044 21FF
_C0 C2/Super Status
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109006 20EC
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109008 4000
_C0 C2/Infinite HP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108FF4 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80098B10 270F
_C0 Infinite MP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108FF6 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80098B16 270F
_C0 C2/ATS Meter Always Full
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80108FF8 1400
_C0 C3/Always In Trance Mode
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801090D8 4000
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109114 21FF
_C0 C3/Super Status
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801090D6 20EC
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801090D8 4000
_C0 C3/Infinite HP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801090C4 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80098FB8 270F
_C0 C3/Infinite MP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801090C6 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80098FBE 270F
_C0 C3/ATS Meter Always Full
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801090C8 1540
_C0 C4/Always In Trance Mode
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801091A8 4000
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801091E4 21FF
_C0 C4/Super Status
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801091A6 20EC
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 801091A8 4000
_C0 C4/Infinite HP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109194 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80099460 270F
_C0 C4/Infinite MP
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109196 270F
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80099466 270F
_C0 C4/ATS Meter Always Full
_L D00F11B8 0001
_L 80109198 17C0
_C0 C4/Bypass Max HP Check In
_L D00BD990 102B
_L 800BD996 1000
_C0 C4/Infinite ATS Meter Ever
_L D00B2A32 A600
_L 800B2A32 2400
_C0 Save Anywhere Set 1 Of 6
_L D0036490 E510
_L 8003648C 3E00
_L D0036490 E510
_L 8003648E 0C00
_L D0036094 F809
_L 8003607C 3E06
_L D0036094 F809
_L 8003607E 0C00
_L D0036094 F809
_L 80036160 3E06
_L D0036094 F809
_L 80036162 0C00
_C0 Save Anywhere Set 2 Of 6
_L D0036094 F809
_L 80036230 3E0D
_L D0036094 F809
_L 80036232 0C00
_L D00CB618 2D95
_L 800CB614 0007
_L D00CB618 2D95
_L 800CB640 0007
_L D00C832C B188
_L 800C8304 0007
_L D00C832C B188
_L 800C8330 0007
_C0 Save Anywhere Set 3 Of 6
_L D0035F2C 2821
_L 80035F34 0009
_L D006E530 93D4
_L 8006E50E 0084
_L D0036380 D8EC
_L 8003637C 0084
_L 8000F800 0007
_L 8000F802 9202
_L 8000F804 0008
_L 8000F806 2405
_L 8000F808 0002
_L 8000F80A 14A2
_C0 Save Anywhere Set 4 Of 6
_L 8000F80C 0039
_L 8000F80E 2405
_L 8000F810 000C
_L 8000F812 27FF
_L 8000F814 0008
_L 8000F816 03E0
_L 8000F818 0008
_L 8000F81A 2401
_L 8000F81C 0002
_L 8000F81E 9202
_L 8000F820 8006
_L 8000F822 3C04
_C0 Save Anywhere Set 5 Of 6
_L 8000F824 FFFB
_L 8000F826 1422
_L 8000F828 0000
_L 8000F82A 0000
_L 8000F82C 0008
_L 8000F82E 03E0
_L 8000F830 C984
_L 8000F832 3483
_L 8000F834 001C
_L 8000F836 8E03
_L 8000F838 FFFC
_L 8000F83A 27FF
_C0 Save Anywhere Set 6 Of 6
_L 8000F83C 0000
_L 8000F83E 2622
_L 8000F840 FFF7
_L 8000F842 1000
_L 8000F844 0008
_L 8000F846 2401
_C0 BEATRIX/Unlock All Abiliti
_L 3008B716 00FF
_C0 BEATRIX/Level 99
_L 3008B717 0063
_L 8008B718 967F
_L 8008B71A 0098
_C0 BEATRIX/Infinite HP
_L 8008B71C 270F
_L 8008B724 270F
_C0 BEATRIX/Infinite MP
_L 8008B71E 03E7
_L 8008B726 03E7
_C0 BEATRIX/Infinite MGC Stone
_L 3008B723 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B72B 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Speed
_L 3008B730 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Strength
_L 3008B731 0063
_L 3008B732 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Spirit
_L 3008B733 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Defense
_L 3008B734 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Evade
_L 3008B735 0063
_L 3008B736 0063
_L 3008B737 0063
_C0 BEATRIX/Character Abilitie
_L 3008B741 00??
_C0 BEATRIX/Normal Status
_L 8008B744 0000
_C0 BEATRIX/Weapon Equipped Mo
_L 3008B745 00??
_C0 BEATRIX/Head Equipped MOD
_L 3008B746 00??
_C0 BEATRIX/Wrist Equipped MOD
_L 3008B747 00??
_C0 BEATRIX/Armor Equipped MOD
_L 3008B748 00??
_C0 BEATRIX/Accessory Equipped
_L 3008B749 00??
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Trance Meter W
_L 3008B72C 00FF
_C0 BEATRIX/Max HP Enchancemen
_L 8008B738 FFFF
_C0 BEATRIX/Max MP Enchancemen
_L 8008B73A FFFF
_C0 BEATRIX/Max Stats Enchance
_L 8008B73C 6363
_L 8008B73E 6363
_C0 BEATRIX/Character Customiz
_L 8008B740 ????
_C0 BEATRIX/All Abilities Acti
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B786 FFFF
_L 8008B786 FFFF
_C0 B-A/Unlock All Abilities
_L 3008B686 00FF
_C0 B-A/Level 99
_L 3008B687 0063
_C0 B-A/Max Exp
_L 8008B688 967F
_L 8008B68A 0098
_C0 B-A/Infinite HP
_L 8008B68C 270F
_C0 B-A/Max HP
_L 8008B694 270F
_C0 B-A/Infinite MP
_L 8008B68E 03E7
_C0 B-A/Max MP
_L 8008B696 03E7
_C0 B-A/Infinite MGC Stones
_L 3008B693 0063
_C0 B-A/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B69B 0063
_C0 B-A/Max Speed
_L 3008B6A0 0063
_C0 B-A/Max Strength
_L 3008B6A1 0063
_C0 B-A/Max MGC
_L 3008B6A2 0063
_C0 B-A/Max Spirit
_L 3008B6A3 0063
_C0 B-A/Max Defense
_L 3008B6A4 0063
_C0 B-A/Max Evade
_L 3008B6A5 0063
_C0 B-A/MGC Def
_L 3008B6A6 0063
_C0 B-A/MGC Eva
_L 3008B6A7 0063
_C0 B-A/Character Abilities MO
_L 3008B6B1 00??
_C0 B-A/Normal Status
_L 8008B6B4 0000
_C0 B-A/Weapon Equipped MOD Co
_L 3008B6B5 00??
_C0 B-A/Head Equipped MOD Code
_L 3008B6B6 00??
_C0 B-A/Wrist Equipped MOD Cod
_L 3008B6B7 00??
_C0 B-A/Armor Equipped MOD Cod
_L 3008B6B8 00??
_C0 B-A/Accessory Equipped MOD
_L 3008B6B9 00??
_C0 B-A/Max Trance Meter When
_L 3008B69C 00FF
_C0 B-A/Max HP Enchancement Co
_L 8008B6A8 FFFF
_C0 B-A/Max MP Enchancement Co
_L 8008B6AA FFFF
_C0 B-A/Max Stats Enchancement
_L 8008B6AC 6363
_L 8008B6AE 6363
_C0 B-A/Character Customizer M
_L 8008B6B0 ????
_C0 B-A/All Abilities Active (
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B6F6 FFFF
_L 8008B6F6 FFFF
_C0 C-Q/Unlock All Abilities
_L 3008B566 00FF
_C0 C-Q/Level 99
_L 3008B567 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max Exp
_L 8008B568 967F
_L 8008B56A 0098
_C0 C-Q/Infinite HP
_L 8008B56C 270F
_C0 C-Q/Max HP
_L 8008B574 270F
_C0 C-Q/Infinite MP
_L 8008B56E 03E7
_C0 C-Q/Max MP
_L 8008B576 03E7
_C0 C-Q/Infinite MGC Stones
_L 3008B573 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B57B 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max Speed
_L 3008B580 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max Strength
_L 3008B581 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max MGC
_L 3008B582 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max Spirit
_L 3008B583 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max Defense
_L 3008B584 0063
_C0 C-Q/Max Evade
_L 3008B585 0063
_C0 C-Q/MGC Def
_L 3008B586 0063
_C0 C-Q/MGC Eva
_L 3008B587 0063
_C0 C-Q/Character Abilities MO
_L 3008B591 00??
_C0 C-Q/Normal Status
_L 8008B594 0000
_C0 C-Q/Weapon Equipped MOD Co
_L 3008B595 00??
_C0 C-Q/Head Equipped MOD Code
_L 3008B596 00??
_C0 C-Q/Wrist Equipped MOD Cod
_L 3008B597 00??
_C0 C-Q/Armor Equipped MOD Cod
_L 3008B598 00??
_C0 C-Q/Accessory Equipped MOD
_L 3008B599 00??
_C0 C-Q/Max Trance Meter When
_L 3008B57C 00FF
_C0 C-Q/Max HP Enchancement Co
_L 8008B588 FFFF
_C0 C-Q/Max MP Enchancement Co
_L 8008B58A FFFF
_C0 C-Q/Max Stats Enchancement
_L 8008B58C 6363
_L 8008B58E 6363
_C0 C-Q/Character Customizer M
_L 8008B590 ????
_C0 C-Q/All Abilities Active (
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B5D6 FFFF
_L 8008B5D6 FFFF
_C0 FREYA/Unlock All Abilities
_L 3008B4D6 00FF
_C0 FREYA/Level 99
_L 3008B4D7 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max Exp
_L 8008B4D8 967F
_L 8008B4DA 0098
_C0 FREYA/Infinite HP
_L 8008B4DC 270F
_L 8008B4E4 270F
_C0 FREYA/Infinite MP
_L 8008B4DE 03E7
_L 8008B4E6 03E7
_C0 FREYA/Infinite MGC Stones
_L 3008B4E3 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B4EB 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max Speed
_L 3008B4F0 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max Strength
_L 3008B4F1 0063
_L 3008B4F2 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max Spirit
_L 3008B4F3 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max Defense
_L 3008B4F4 0063
_C0 FREYA/Max Evade
_L 3008B4F5 0063
_L 3008B4F6 0063
_L 3008B4F7 0063
_C0 FREYA/Character Abilities
_L 3008B501 00??
_C0 FREYA/Normal Status
_L 8008B504 0000
_C0 FREYA/Weapon Equipped MOD
_L 3008B505 00??
_C0 FREYA/Head Equipped MOD Co
_L 3008B506 00??
_C0 FREYA/Wrist Equipped MOD C
_L 3008B507 00??
_C0 FREYA/Armor Equipped MOD C
_L 3008B508 00??
_C0 FREYA/Accessory Equipped M
_L 3008B509 00??
_C0 FREYA/Max Trance Meter Whe
_L 3008B4EC 00FF
_C0 FREYA/Max HP Enchancement
_L 8008B4F8 FFFF
_C0 FREYA/Max MP Enchancement
_L 8008B4FA FFFF
_C0 FREYA/Max Stats Enchanceme
_L 8008B4FC 6363
_L 8008B4FE 6363
_C0 FREYA/Character Customizer
_L 8008B500 ????
_C0 FREYA/All Abilities Active
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B546 FFFF
_L 8008B546 FFFF
_C0 M-EIKO/Unlock All Abilitie
_L 3008B5F6 00FF
_C0 M-EIKO/Level 99
_L 3008B5F7 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Exp
_L 8008B5F8 967F
_L 8008B5FA 0098
_C0 M-EIKO/Infinite HP
_L 8008B5FC 270F
_L 8008B604 270F
_C0 M-EIKO/Infinite MP
_L 8008B5FE 03E7
_L 8008B606 03E7
_C0 M-EIKO/Infinite MGC Stones
_L 3008B603 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B60B 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Speed
_L 3008B610 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Strength
_L 3008B611 0063
_L 3008B612 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Spirit
_L 3008B613 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Defense
_L 3008B614 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Evade
_L 3008B615 0063
_L 3008B616 0063
_L 3008B617 0063
_C0 M-EIKO/Character Abilities
_L 3008B621 00??
_C0 M-EIKO/Normal Status
_L 8008B624 0000
_C0 M-EIKO/Weapon Equipped MOD
_L 3008B625 00??
_C0 M-EIKO/Head Equipped MOD C
_L 3008B626 00??
_C0 M-EIKO/Wrist Equipped MOD
_L 3008B627 00??
_C0 M-EIKO/Armor Equipped MOD
_L 3008B628 00??
_C0 M-EIKO/Accessory Equipped
_L 3008B629 00??
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Trance Meter Wh
_L 3008B60C 00FF
_C0 M-EIKO/Max HP Enchancement
_L 8008B618 FFFF
_C0 M-EIKO/Max MP Enchancement
_L 8008B61A FFFF
_C0 M-EIKO/Max Stats Enchancem
_L 8008B61C 6363
_L 8008B61E 6363
_C0 M-EIKO/Character Customize
_L 8008B620 ????
_C0 M-EIKO/All Abilities Activ
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B666 FFFF
_L 8008B666 FFFF
_C0 DAGGER/Unlock All Abilitie
_L 3008B3B6 00FF
_C0 DAGGER/Level 99
_L 3008B3B7 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max Exp
_L 8008B3B8 967F
_L 8008B3BA 0098
_C0 DAGGER/Infinite HP
_L 8008B3BC 270F
_L 8008B3C4 270F
_C0 DAGGER/Infinite MP
_L 8008B3BE 03E7
_L 8008B3C6 03E7
_C0 DAGGER/Infinite MGC Stones
_L 3008B3C3 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B3CB 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max Speed
_L 3008B3D0 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max Strength
_L 3008B3D1 0063
_L 3008B3D2 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max Spirit
_L 3008B3D3 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max Defense
_L 3008B3D4 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Max Evade
_L 3008B3D5 0063
_L 3008B3D6 0063
_L 3008B3D7 0063
_C0 DAGGER/Character Abilities
_L 3008B3E1 00??
_C0 DAGGER/Normal Status
_L 8008B3E4 0000
_C0 DAGGER/Weapon Equipped MOD
_L 3008B3E5 00??
_C0 DAGGER/Head Equipped MOD C
_L 3008B3E6 00??
_C0 DAGGER/Wrist Equipped MOD
_L 3008B3E7 00??
_C0 DAGGER/Armor Equipped MOD
_L 3008B3E8 00??
_C0 DAGGER/Accessory Equipped
_L 3008B3E9 00??
_C0 DAGGER/Max Trance Meter Wh
_L 3008B3CC 00FF
_C0 DAGGER/Max HP Enchancement
_L 8008B3D8 FFFF
_C0 DAGGER/Max MP Enchancement
_L 8008B3DA FFFF
_C0 DAGGER/Max Stats Enchancem
_L 8008B3DC 6363
_L 8008B3DE 6363
_C0 DAGGER/Character Customize
_L 8008B3E0 ????
_C0 DAGGER/All Abilities Activ
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B426 FFFF
_L 8008B426 FFFF
_C0 STEINER/Unlock All Abiliti
_L 3008B446 00FF
_C0 STEINER/Level 99
_L 3008B447 0063
_L 8008B448 967F
_L 8008B44A 0098
_C0 STEINER/Infinite HP
_L 8008B44C 270F
_L 8008B454 270F
_C0 STEINER/Infinite MP
_L 8008B44E 03E7
_L 8008B456 03E7
_C0 STEINER/Infinite MGC Stone
_L 3008B453 0063
_C0 STEINER/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B45B 0063
_C0 STEINER/Max Speed
_L 3008B460 0063
_C0 STEINER/Max Strength
_L 3008B461 0063
_L 3008B462 0063
_C0 STEINER/Max Spirit
_L 3008B463 0063
_C0 STEINER/Max Defense
_L 3008B464 0063
_C0 STEINER/Max Evade
_L 3008B465 0063
_L 3008B466 0063
_L 3008B467 0063
_C0 STEINER/Character Abilitie
_L 3008B471 00??
_C0 STEINER/Normal Status
_L 8008B474 0000
_C0 STEINER/Weapon Equipped Mo
_L 3008B475 00??
_C0 STEINER/Head Equipped MOD
_L 3008B476 00??
_C0 STEINER/Wrist Equipped MOD
_L 3008B477 00??
_C0 STEINER/Armor Equipped MOD
_L 3008B478 00??
_C0 STEINER/Accessory Equipped
_L 3008B479 00??
_C0 STEINER/Max Trance Meter W
_L 3008B45C 00FF
_C0 STEINER/Max HP Enchancemen
_L 8008B468 FFFF
_C0 STEINER/Max MP Enchancemen
_L 8008B46A FFFF
_C0 STEINER/Max Stats Enchance
_L 8008B46C 6363
_L 8008B46E 6363
_C0 STEINER/Character Customiz
_L 8008B470 ????
_C0 STEINER/All Abilities Acti
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B4B6 FFFF
_L 8008B4B6 FFFF
_C0 VIVI/Unlock All Abilities
_L 3008B326 00FF
_C0 VIVI/Level 99
_L 3008B327 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Exp
_L 8008B328 967F
_L 8008B32A 0098
_C0 VIVI/Infinite HP
_L 8008B32C 270F
_L 8008B334 270F
_C0 VIVI/Infinite MP
_L 8008B32E 03E7
_L 8008B336 03E7
_C0 VIVI/Infinite Blue Stone
_L 3008B333 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Blue Stone
_L 3008B33B 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Speed
_L 3008B340 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Strength
_L 3008B341 0063
_L 3008B342 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Spirit
_L 3008B343 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Defense
_L 3008B344 0063
_C0 VIVI/Max Evade
_L 3008B345 0063
_L 3008B346 0063
_L 3008B347 0063
_C0 VIVI/Character Abilities M
_L 3008B351 00??
_C0 VIVI/Normal Status
_L 8008B354 0000
_C0 VIVI/Weapon Equipped MOD C
_L 3008B355 00??
_C0 VIVI/Head Equipped MOD Cod
_L 3008B356 00??
_C0 VIVI/Wrist Equipped MOD Co
_L 3008B357 00??
_C0 VIVI/Armor Equipped MOD Co
_L 3008B358 00??
_C0 VIVI/Accessory Equipped Mo
_L 3008B359 00??
_C0 VIVI/Max Trance Meter When
_L 3008B33C 00FF
_C0 VIVI/Max HP Enchancement C
_L 8008B348 FFFF
_C0 VIVI/Max MP Enchancement C
_L 8008B34A FFFF
_C0 VIVI/Max Stats Enchancemen
_L 8008B3AC 6363
_L 8008B3AE 6363
_C0 VIVI/Character Customizer
_L 8008B3B0 ????
_C0 VIVI/All Abilities Active
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B396 FFFF
_L 8008B396 FFFF
_C0 ZIDANE/Unlock All Abilitie
_L 3008B296 00FF
_C0 ZIDANE/Level 99
_L 3008B297 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Exp
_L 8008B298 967F
_L 8008B29A 0098
_C0 ZIDANE/Infinite HP
_L 8008B29C 270F
_L 8008B2A4 270F
_C0 ZIDANE/Infinite MP
_L 8008B29E 03E7
_L 8008B2A6 03E7
_C0 ZIDANE/Infinite MGC Stones
_L 3008B2A3 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max MGC Stones
_L 3008B2AB 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Speed
_L 3008B2B0 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Strength
_L 3008B2B1 0063
_L 3008B2B2 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Spirit
_L 3008B2B3 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Defense
_L 3008B2B4 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Evade
_L 3008B2B5 0063
_L 3008B2B6 0063
_L 3008B2B7 0063
_C0 ZIDANE/Character Abilities
_L 3008B2C1 00??
_C0 ZIDANE/Normal Status
_L 8008B2C4 0000
_C0 ZIDANE/Weapon Equipped MOD
_L 3008B2C5 00??
_C0 ZIDANE/Head Equipped MOD C
_L 3008B2C6 00??
_C0 ZIDANE/Wrist Equipped MOD
_L 3008B2C7 00??
_C0 ZIDANE/Armor Equipped MOD
_L 3008B2C8 00??
_C0 ZIDANE/Accessory Equipped
_L 3008B2C9 00??
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Trance Meter Wh
_L 3008B2AC 00FF
_C0 ZIDANE/Max HP Enchancement
_L 8008B2B8 FFFF
_C0 ZIDANE/Max MP Enchancement
_L 8008B2BA FFFF
_C0 ZIDANE/Max Stats Enchancem
_L 8008B2BC 6363
_L 8008B2BE 6363
_C0 ZIDANE/Character Customize
_L 8008B2C0 ????
_C0 ZIDANE/All Abilities Activ
_L 50000B02 0000
_L 8008B306 FFFF
_L 8008B306 FFFF
_C0 ITEM/Slot 251
_L 3008B9B8 00??
_C0 ITEM/Slot 252
_L 3008B9BA 00??
_C0 ITEM/Slot 253
_L 3008B9BC 00??
_C0 ITEM/Slot 254
_L 3008B9BE 00??
_C0 ITEM/Slot 255
_L 3008B9C0 00??
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 1 Of 7
_L D01F28AC 9821
_L 801F28B0 1D80
_L D01F28AC 9821
_L 801F28B2 0C00
_L 80007600 7FFF
_L 80007602 27E3
_L 80007604 02C2
_L 80007606 9063
_L 80007608 0002
_L 8000760A 2402
_L 8000760C 0024
_L 8000760E 1443
_L 80007612 2400
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 2 Of 7
_L 80007614 76AC
_L 80007616 9410
_L 80007618 8007
_L 8000761A 3C01
_L 8000761C 0110
_L 8000761E 2E02
_L 80007620 001E
_L 80007622 1440
_L 80007624 0001
_L 80007626 2610
_L 80007628 3930
_L 8000762A 9422
_L 8000762C 8008
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 3 Of 7
_L 8000762E 3C11
_L 80007630 8300
_L 80007632 3042
_L 80007634 0018
_L 80007636 1040
_L 80007638 B7C4
_L 8000763A 3631
_L 8000763C 8020
_L 8000763E 3C12
_L 80007640 AB89
_L 80007642 8243
_L 80007644 AB8A
_L 80007646 8254
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 4 Of 7
_L 80007648 AB8B
_L 8000764A 8255
_L 8000764C 1821
_L 8000764E 0074
_L 80007650 1880
_L 80007652 0003
_L 80007654 A840
_L 80007656 0015
_L 80007658 1821
_L 8000765A 0075
_L 8000765C 8821
_L 8000765E 0223
_L 80007660 8000
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 5 Of 7
_L 80007662 3052
_L 80007664 0002
_L 80007666 1240
_L 80007668 0300
_L 8000766A 3052
_L 8000766C 0001
_L 8000766E 2631
_L 80007670 0000
_L 80007672 9223
_L 80007676 2400
_L 80007678 0007
_L 8000767A 1240
_L 8000767C 0200
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 6 Of 7
_L 8000767E 3052
_L 80007680 0003
_L 80007682 1240
_L 80007686 2400
_L 80007688 0002
_L 8000768A 1000
_L 8000768C 0001
_L 8000768E 2463
_L 80007690 FFFF
_L 80007692 2463
_L 80007694 0000
_L 80007696 A223
_L 80007698 0000
_C0 SUPER ITM MOD/Set 7 Of 7
_L 8000769A 2410
_L 8000769C 76AC
_L 8000769E A410
_L 800076A0 0001
_L 800076A2 9262
_L 800076A4 0008
_L 800076A6 03E0
_L 800076AA 2400
'Till my next installment.

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  1. AP cheat aint working.

  2. Works great thanks... i tried many times and finally got. the thing was to update the CW cheat files and then put in the codes.

  3. i don't know how to put it please teach meee

  4. Hey man, i dunno if you are the one who made these cheats, but is there a way to REMOVE key items?
    Much thanks ahead!

    And to the previous enter the cheats in to the cwcheatpops.db file

  5. To use them, go into cwcheat folder. see the file called cheat.db click to open it, when asks what topen with select WordPad from programs. and then you can paste cheat into it

  6. Actually meant cheatpops.db file not cheat.db file

  7. for the ppl having prob with AP 999 cheat,
    change it to this:
    _C0 999 AP After Battle
    _L D00F11B8 0000
    _L 801F0C84 03E7
    _L D00F11B8 0000
    _L 801F0C86 3403
    _L D00F11B8 0000
    _L 800FDF38 03E7

    1. Very helpfull in 2020 thank you so much. Im searching all over google just found this and this work on europe version SLUS02965. If you still read my reply. Do you have code for jump rope at alexandria Like jump 1000 times or auto jump code.

  8. i did it once and it's work's thanks!

  9. aw too bad the cheat didnt work on my psp i tried to paste it on my cheatpop.db but it didnt work...


  11. I wonder... "B-A" and "C-Q" in the character cheats are for Amarant and Quina respectively or something else?

  12. where are the respective notes for the codes located?

  13. some cards codes are now working. the winning cards. do you have beatrix character codes?

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