My Shining Charizard Card

My brother was rummaging through all my old stuff today when he found my Pokemon card collection album. Yes sir I was one avid card collector a few years back. I had and still have Michael Jordan cards, Magic: The Gathering cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and of course the Pokemon cards.

Of all the Pokemon cards that I have, one card stands out the most (which I took out of my album carefully to produce this picture): the Shining Charizard card:

Still in pristine condition, it has survived years of rain and flood. It has a triple star rareness rating and a 107/105 card number. Now that's what you call ultra rare. The only thing even rarer than this is a Shining Charizard card stamped with the 1st edition mark, which unfortunately isn't stamped on mine. You can google about it, but trust you me it's all the same pics with a mark on it. I mean, people claim they have the card but they keep on using the same googled picture - that's how rare it is.

I did some research on how much it costs. A Yahoo! page way back 2007 says it costs $25-$30 that year. Maybe less. A hobby shop years ago was selling it for $100. That's just insane. I wonder how much it genuinely costs now. I'm not thinking of selling it or anything though. I'm just fancying the idea that this card could be like the 1st Superman comic in the world. Just fanciful thinking.

Post has been too long. Sorry for that.

'Till my next installment.

P.S. How many people in the world do you think have this card?

EDIT: I searched eBay, only a dozen people are selling a Shining Charizard card. Prices range from $45-$479.95.

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