Watch Fan Film Batman: City of Scars for Free

Seeing that there's currently no Batman movie buzz recently, Aaron and Sean Schoenke decided to make one. They called it Batman: City of Scars. Obviously they're hardcore Batman fans. The father and son tandem spent $27,000 and 21 days to make the indie Batman film.

For an fan film, this one's pretty long. It runs for 30m 45s, which is probably an eternity when it comes to fan-made films. Most last 10-15mins. And honestly, this film looks genuine and fantastic. It feels like one of those OVA films from Japanese animes. Plus, the costumes look real good.

Watch it below:


When the Joker escapes from Arkham and murders the parents of a young boy, Batman recalls the pain of losing his own parents as a child. He is pushed past his limits to the point where his focus becomes revenge on all who stand in his way, including many of Gotham’s underworld. Finally, Batman is forced to look at the psychological profile of his own mind and accept the consequences of his life to find resolve.


Batman - Kevin Porter
Paul Mornar - The Joker
Madelynn Rae - Harley Quinn

I do hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

'Till my next installment.

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