Best file hosting sites if you're in the Philippines

Being a frequent downloader using an internet service capped at 3mbps but most of the time running at 0-400kbps, I've experimented downloading files from various file hosting sites and their performance for free users. Of course most of them offer superior service to those who pay premium. And they really do take care of their premium members. But the question of this post is, which file hosting site offers superior download speed for free downloaders here in the Philippines?

Let's start from the last of my top 5 shall we?

5. FileServe [FS]

I've downloaded from File Serve a couple of times. They're not that well known yet (at least here so please correct me if I'm mistaken) and being not well known equates to minimal facilities which leads to slow to average download speed. But the good thing about them are their ease of accessibility and the user-friendliness of their file hosting site. Files are easy to expire though. Never experienced any broken links here so far.

4. RapidShare [RS]

Who doesn't know about Rapidshare? Well, everyone who jumped shipped from their services to other file hosting sites sure know them. Why did they jump ship though? That's for you to google and for me to not explain here. Well, I used to enjoy their service until that day when it took me two hours and fifty-plus minutes to download a 190MB file. That's approximately 5-8kbps per second. If not for this hosting site's being well known I'd put File Serve on this number. No broken link support for this one. So if it's rainy while you're downloading and if your ISP is unstable, save yourself the frustration will you? Just cancel it, walk away. Stay cool. You might destroy your computer.


Which brings me to MU. Almost everyone uses their service. This ubiquitous file hosting site offers topnotch quality to their users, from other countries. How about 5-24kbps tops here in the Philippines for a free user? But hey, I have no problem with that. What can I do, that's what's mostly available. Better something than nothing right? If I was only a member. Or it could just be my ISP.

Another thing: MU sometimes supports broken links. That is if you have very fast reflexes to do a file reconnection. But if you miss it, let's say a 40+ second cooldown will irk you more.

2. HotFile [HF]

As the name suggests, their files are hot because you can download a 200mb file in just 10 minutes. And that's just for the free users. Imagine your download speed if you're a member of this club. 200mb in 2minutes sounds crazy but I think it'll pass. Although MU and RS outranks my 2nd and 1st top performing file hosting sites for free members in terms of fame, HF and my top 1 outdoes MU and RS for their download speed. Which is good for free users. Hooray for us!

One thing I have noticed on HF is that when noon comes here in Philippines, their hot speed suddenly becomes cold and drops to 20-48kbps tops. Another thing is their 30-minute cooldown if you want to download another file. But all in all, a very good file hosting site indeed.

1. MediaFire [MF]

This is the bestest (yes, it's the word "best" with the suffix "est") file hosting site if you live here in this nation. They're always on fire. Round the clock their download speeds are like lightning. The fastest download from them that peaked on my machine was 250+ kbps. It would eat through a 200mb file easy. And like I said, all day their speed is like this. No afternoon traffic, no night traffic, no nothing. Just pure awesomeness.

Another thing is there's virtually no waiting time for each download. Just click a link (which I would like to type as "Clickalink." Hey, I might patent the word and start a hosting site myself), wait for a couple of seconds for processing, and download away.

That's not all. They don't stop there. Unlike most file hosting sites who don't allow parallel downloading for free users, MediaFire does the opposite. You can download 5, 6, 7 files at the same time at the same lightning speed even if you're just a free user. Imagine that! How much more if you're a premium member eh? Unfortunately most users prefer MU over MF for some circumstances I'll not put into detail here.

The only negative I could say about MF: Due to their lightning speed, their files are more prone to corruption. I experienced this twice on different downloads. Set me back another 20 minutes. But with that speed, no biggie. I'll let it pass.

With my best five file hosting sites if you live in the Philippines named, I'm not giving you an auto-conclusion that MediaFire is the best out there. Remember, this is if you live in the Philippines. If you live in Norway then RapidShare might do you good. If you're in Hongkong then MEGAUPLOAD would probably be better. File hosting site services of course vary from region to region.

Anyway, if you live in this nation like me, consider what I said here in this post. Take a look around other sites, then consider. The bottom line is still up to you.

'Till my next installment.

This is not a sponsored post from any of the websites mentioned above. This post is purely of the author's and is not intended for commercial purposes unless the author consents otherwise.

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  1. i visited mediafire bro, e wala nmn clang offer na payment pg may mg dl sa files mo...pano po ba?....

  2. Meron ako ginagamit, 250mb limit ok lang yung speed.

  3. I personally hated both megaupload, rapidshare AND most of all hotfile...I used to have alot of my stuff on RS, but then their service went down to crap…then switched to hotfile, who's servers crashed & lost ALL my files…then megaupload which omg i can’t believe what happened.

    now I have all my files on:

    …decent sized allowance, and it gives my users direct-links…which they far, it’s been better than sonic, MU and HF COMBINED!!!


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