To Make More Oddworld, Just Add Water

Remember that loose talk of a new Oddworld game in development? It was true. Only things have changed and now there are multiple Oddworld projects hitting multiple platforms, courtesy of developer Just Add Water.

The developer of PlayStation Network and PSP game Gravity Crash is working with Oddworld Inhabitants and the brain of Lorne Lanning on several "exciting projects starring all of your favorite Oddworld characters," which they'll announce in the coming weeks and months. Yeah, it's an announcement of an announcement, but we'll take it!

Development on the unnamed Oddworld games has been underway for about a year, so if Just Add Water happens to show something at, say, Gamescom in August, it has the potential to be something playable.

The most recent game in the series was Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, released in 2005 for the original Xbox.

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