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Everybody wants to learn Japanese nowadays. In fact, people pretending to be Japanese are commonplace, where a couple of years ago it wasn't the case. Cosplayers, otakus, Japanese wannabes, they all want to learn how to speak and write Japanese.

To answer that need to learn Japanese, PSP coder "ponlork" released his newly updated Learn Japanese v0.7.

Learn Japanese v0.7 is a simple PSP homebrew game in which you'll memorize and try to respell basic and intermediate Japanese words and phrases, such as "konbanwa" for good evening and "konnichiwa" for good afternoon. It also comes in 6 stages and a custom stage, with difficulty rising for each stage. Unfortunately, you won't be able to read and write in actual Japanese characters for this game. Anyway, the download link is below:

Download Learn Japanese v0.7 now (clicking will redirect you to

Game: Learn Japanese v0.7
Genre: Word quiz
Size: 3.16MB (RAR)
Version Requirement: 5.50 GEN-D3/5.50 Prometheus/5.00 m33-6
Release Date: August 23, 2010

Now you can memorize and learn Japanese words even when you're in cosplay conventions. No need for that bulky Japanese dictionary.

Thanks to for uploading Learn Japanese v0.7.

'Till my next installment.

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