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Developed by Zynga, Frontierville is one of the hottest sim-simulation games on Facebook right now. And why? Because it's addicting that's why.

Frontierville reminds me of the RTS games of yesterday and today, especially Battle Realms of Liquid Entertainment. Its game screen is very reminiscent to RTS games particularly because of the setup. You build buildings upon buildings, plant on farms, gather and grow animals and the like. The only thing lacking is the 3D rendering of the game.

Anyway, if you're looking for Frontierville cheats or Frontierville hacks, you came to the right place. I can also offer you Frontierville tips - gaming tips, regaining energy tips, etc.

First, here are some basic Frontierville tips on energy courtesy of myself:

Take advantage of your neighbors

Yes, take advantage of your neighbors, not in the cynical sense though. Having lots of neighbors - and by that I mean LOTS of them - is definitely an advantage. Why? It's because if you've spent out all your energy, visiting neighbors refills your energy gauge. In real life though, visiting neighbors makes you tired as hell.

Visiting neighbors also enables you to help them in case they need help, like if they need assistance on their animals or crops. You can do this up to five times. And in exchange for your labor, you can gain back food or energy, which is a mighty essential in this ever energy-draining game. Additionally, you can hire up to two of your friendly neighbors a day to assist you in your shortcomings at 50 coins each.

And it's not done yet. Having lots of neighbors is a sure way to receive gifts. You can even demand gifts back. So be smart. Try to be liked by everybody, even outside the game, but don't try too hard. Having goodwill with everyone is a sure way of receiving a gift. I maybe like "Hey, this gal helped me yesterday, I'mma give her a gift." See?

Drool for long periods of time

No, I was just kidding. What I meant was, learn to multitask while you're playing the game. If your character is out of gas, and you still don't have bajillions of neighbors, leave your window open and do another task or something. Five minutes of rest from Frontierville will give you back one point of energy. Five minutes too long? Seriously, when you do Facebook, two hours are very short. In that two hours, your settler would've had regained all his or her energy.

It's an entirely different matter at the later levels of the game. Two hours, meh.

Know your food

It's basic knowledge that you can get food from animals and crops. Food will restore your energy, albeit some only partially, and allow you to continue working on your front.

The most basic of all food available on Frontierville is the Light Snack - it costs 25 food units and restores 3 energy points. The Beef Jerky on the other hand, costs 30 Horseshoes and will restore entire energy gauge. It also adds 3 energy points to your energy gauge permanently.

Now for Frontierville's coin hack, more known as Frontierville's money cheat:


Google Chrome or Firefox
Cheat Engine v5.5
Facebook account
Stable internet connection


1. Open Frontierville;
2. Buy some corn seeds;
3. Open Cheat Engine v5.5 and find Firefox.exe or Google Chrome. Press OK then go to Frontierville;
4. Copy the amount of your coins in-game and paste it in the Cheat Engine v5.5 value bar;
5. Click Scan first then buy some corn seeds again. Check the Cheat Engine v5.5 and look for the Found Address bar;
6. Go back to Frontierville, copy the new deducted amount and paste it again in the Cheat Engine v5.5. Perform a new scan again at this point;
7. Under the Found Address bar, click on the last address you see. Click on the small box;
8. Go back to Frontierville and buy something. After purchasing something you can see now that the amount of coins you have had changed.

I hope I've helped your discovering Frontierville with these basic Frontierville tips. Anyway, I'll try to get word of more Frontierville cheats and Frontierville hacks when they get around. I hope you put your Frontierville money cheat to good use.

'Till my next installment.

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