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It's old news by now and I know for a fact that everyone in the PSP underground knows it, but in case you don't know, underground devs Coldbird and company from the Celes Network made a UMD-friendly God Eater English patch.

The God Eater English patch, unlike the more common .ppf patch, is a .prx/plug-in combo. You don't need a clean copy of God Eater, any ISO or CSO will do. All you need to do is copy-paste files here and there and you're good to go.

It will translate most, if not all, commands that's just enough to get you going in the game. Some storyline dialogues are also being completed for maximum enjoyment of the game. The current patch, the Prototype Version 2 God Eater English patch, is somewhere around 60 to 70 percent completed, dialogues not included. Screenies below:

If you wish to download the God Eater English patch though, I suggest you head straight to the Celes Network and sign up. Coldbird specifically asked that the God Eater English patch not be mirrored or re-uploaded on a file hosting site. Yeah it sucks I know. If you could just download it here right away. Well, you got to pay respect to the developers. They're the ones who made it.

Click here to go to the Celes Network and download the God Eater English Patch

Credits and thanks to Coldbird, Vuze, Truthkey and Kenma for the development of the God Eater English patch.

'Till my next installment.

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