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If you've been staying tuned at Tj's Daily®, you would've probably noticed that I've been paying attention to the smash-hit PSP game God Eater - and for good reason. Most people agree that this is the next Monster Hunter (although Monster Hunter 3 will also surely become a smash hit).

And as an English version of God Eater will never see the light of day, people from the PSP underground decided to make a guide dedicated to the game. It contains essential information, such as:
1. Status
2. Control
3. Menu Translation
4. Aragami List
5. Damage Calculation Guide
6. Consumable Item Guide
7. Bullet Edit Guide
So if you're in dire need of some guide which would allow you to progress more at God Eater, this is exactly what you need. What's more is, it's absolutely free! Viewable in the BookR v8.1 custom homebrew. Download jump below:

God Eater Guide PDF Format Version 12: Download here (MediaFire)
God Eater Guide PDF Format Version 13: Download here (iFile)
God Eater Guide DOC Format Version 13: Download here (iFile)

Thanks and credits to the following for the development and the publishing of the e-Book. This wouldn't have been possible without them:

JashinSamael @IDWS/KASKUS (main compiler and tester)
Misodeus @IDWS/KASKUS (additional info and tester)
Runebook @IDWS (for compiling ability translation)
Many players at gamefaqs message board (especially RedStallion)
Some video uploaders at youtube and nicovideo

You got the God Eater Guide here.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. hello makers of godeater guide!i enjoyed the game and then suddenly i cant go on...i am now in the last level of missions i think,and i cant progress.sakaki,is saying something but i dont know what it is?help!!!..please help me...

  2. Yo..! in the site http://tjsdaily.blogspot.com/2011/03/god-eater-burst-bullet-mixing-and-best.html theres a set of bullet that can be download how to install?


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