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Good and bad news for the PSP CFW community.

Good news first. PSP underground devs The Z and Sawaz released a new CFW which they aptly named the 5.00 TZS-6 (in which TZS stands for The Z & Sawaz). It was said that the 5.00 TZS-6 CFW series deals with the problems the current CFWs are facing, namely the hindrances of the 6.30 and 6.31 OFW series in the 5.00 m33.

The 5.00 TZS-6 boasts a couple of additions. It sports new icons, like the SensMe and Digital Comics options. There's also the integration of the PSNLover and the 6.20 5.00 m33 plug-in to the flash0 of the PSP - which of course could be lethal. It also supports the Go-Cam.

Now for the bad news. Unfortunately, the 5.00 TZS-6 is currently compatible with the PSP-2000 only (PSP Slim).

Another one: The 5.00 TZS-6 is allegedly a repack of the current 5.00 m33 CFW along with the integration of the mentioned plug-ins above using hex and lua codes. It's similar to the 5.50 Prometheus in concept: Take a stable CFW, integrate current plug-ins to it, do some GUI improvement, then shell it out as a new CFW.

Also worth noting is the supposed lack of file integrity in this new system. It's basic knowledge that doing anything to the flash0 without the system properly checking the FI and the backup files it creates might and will eventually lead to a brick.

Well, let's just look on the bright side and consider this as news, that the PSP underground is up and running again in developing CFWs in a battle for supremacy.

5.00 TZS-6 interface below:

If you're curious with the 5.00 TZS-6 CFW, check it out.

CFW: 5.00 TZS-6
Coders: The Z, Sawaz
Size: 2.14 MB
Compatibility: PSP-2000 with 5.00 m33-6
Release date: August 2010
Stability status: Unconfirmed

Download 5.00 TZS-6 CFW here

How to install 5.00 TZS-6 CFW / Custom Firmware
1. - Must have 5.00 M33-6
2. - Connected to the network and sufficient battery 80% of battery
3. - Decompressed firmware and Copy it to root ms0/PSP/Game
4. - Create a folder called kd620 in the root of the memory card , if you already created, perfect, no need to create it,we copy the file usbcam and usbmic.prx, that can be found in the same folder of the Custom Firmware.
5. - In the seplugins folder eliminate the archives psnlover.prx and m33_620.prx and their routes in vsh.txt and game.txt
6. - In the VSH/XMB we executed the 5.00 TZS-6
7. - Install the Custom Firmware
8. - We entered the Recovery menu -» Configuration -» Fake region: Korea
9. - We activated version.txt and we go to Hacks of the registry and changed to accept to X and and no to O
10. - ENJOY your new Custom Firmware 5.00/6.31
Be very careful when trying this out. We do not assure you that this firmware is stable and will not lead to a brick. If in doubt, ask a professional.

Thanks and credits to The Z and Sawaz for the 5.00 TZS-6 CFW.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Tested and it's pretty stable. But MOST of the plugins you may have installed will not work, and there is also the saved data Corruption issue. I may reinstall after they tweak it a bit more and make my plugins compatible (mostly the Custom Themes)

    Hope this helps!

  2. this firmware rocks lol


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