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After the successful launch of God Eater Online for the PSP comes another onliner that's sure to turn heads around: PSP Warcraft.

A year ago the PSP underground started developing what it called the Warcraft 2D SSP. They renamed it to PSP Warcraft later. Now the game is in its final stages and is expected to be released this late August.

It would be played online as the name suggests, no Ad-Hoc for you. PSP Warcraft is infrastructure-playable only. No internet? Too bad.

In other words, this megagame is bigger than itself. If PSP Warcraft is successfully launched, it would be the very first-ever MMORPG in the Playstation Portable.

PSP Warcraft's graphics aren't that dandy, but considering it's the first MMORPG (and Warcraft too), the PSP underground devs could still improve it. That is to say if they won't make a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PSP Online. Hah. Screens below:

I'm sure right now you're thrilled. Well, come back here late August. Let's see if I can get me a PSP Warcraft copy and share it here.

'Till my next installment.

[Photos by pspgen.com]

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