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From ZipZapPlay comes Baking Life, a cute baking sim similar to Cafe World which lets you bake your own sweet goodies with the help of friends to sell to customers. You can then use your earnings in Baking Life to expand your bakery, and be the baking empire you've always wanted to be since day one. But alas, you always need lots of time (24 hours tops, minimum of minutes) to cook your latest master pieces.

So okay, no more messing around serious baking business. You've landed in this page looking for Baking Life Cheats and Baking Life Hacks. Well, I have here two versions of the cheat: One using the Charles Proxy machine and one using the more reliable Cheat Engine. Let's tackle the two said Baking Life Cheats and Baking Life Hacks below:

Baking Life Cheat 1: Charles Proxy program


Charles Proxy
Mozilla Firefox
Baking Life account


1. Open your Baking Life account together with your Charles Proxy;
2. Seek the following line in your Charles Proxy program "" then expand it. After expanding you will see "current/". Right click on "current/" and select "Break Points";
3. Go back to your Baking Life window. Baking Life should hang for a few moments, then return to your Charles Proxy window. This time, a breakpoint tab would have appeared;
4. Press "Execute" approximately five times then an "Edit Response" tab should appear. Click it, locate the AMF button below and click on it. The screen below should appear (click to enlarge):

If the screen above does not appear, try pressing "Execute" again;
5. Expand the PublicUserData and Currency tabs and change it to "10000000" and "888888" respectively. Do not exceed the aforementioned numbers or run the risk of encountering a game error;
6. Go back to the Charles Proxy window session tab and right click on "current" again and select "Break Points" then "Execute";
7. Go back to your Baking Life window. The game should now run;
8. Sell some stuff and pastries first in Baking Life and then save the game. Your experience and coins should change.

Baking Life Cheat 2: 1 Billion Coins Cheat: Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine v5.6 (or older)
Mozilla Firefox
Baking Life account


1. Open your Baking Life account together with your Cheat Engine program;
2. In your Baking Life window, scan for the price of the item you want to cheat using the Cheat Engine. So for example, the price of the item you want to cheat is 5000. Input in your Cheat Engine the number 5000 and press "Scan";
3. After performing a scan, the Cheat Engine program should give you back addresses. Highlight all addresses then click on the red arrow (directly to the right of the "Memory view" button). All addresses should show up in the Cheat Engine table;

4. Select all the addresses, right click on it and select "Change record" then "Value". Change it to 1;
5. Return to your Baking Life window. Go to another item page, then immediately back to the former page. Locate the item you've scanned earlier. The price of that item is now 1 coin. Buy a couple of your scanned item and put it in your shop. Right click on the items you've bought then click "Put Away";
6. Go back to your Cheat Engine window. Change the value of the addresses to 9999999 to a desired point or lower if you're uncomfortable with it. Remember, this very act of cheating might get you banned if you're too obvious;
7. Sell the items you've bought for 1 coin. Watch your money grow. Make sure to always save after selling one item to avoid encountering a gaming error.

I've found a helpful video in YouTube that will serve as your guide in following the cheat above. Click HERE to check it out.

Anyway, I've found a couple of Baking Life tips and tricks on the net. I might as well post them here to complete your Baking Life experience. Check out the Baking Life tips and tricks links below:

Click HERE to check out fathskie's Baking Life guide
Click HERE to download for free Baking Life's complete dishes list and experience calculation table
Click HERE to download for free a Baking Life video guide

So there you have it. I hope I helped ease your baking burden with these Baking Life Cheats, Hacks and Tips. Just be sure not to get caught when using these though. You might get hit with the ban hammer if you're not careful.

'Till my next installment.

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