God Eater Burst - PAX 10 - Monster's tail US TRAILER

As if playing God Eater wasn't awesome enough, Namco Bandai makes a follow-up entitled God Eater Burst. But while we may all be familiar with the God Eater Burst title, we have seen only a few glimpses of it. Well, worry no more. The trailer below is the most recent God Eater Burst trailer we've got, so watch:

God Eater Burst re-imagines the post-apocalyptic world with an original and dramatic story of human survival against overwhelming odds. The earth has been plagued by terrifying mutant beasts known as the Aragami and man's only hope against them is the God Arc weapons and the God Eaters who wield them. Players will create their own hero and battle against many different types of these enemies, picking up items along the way to customize their weapons, guns, bullets and shields, boosting their strength and stamina in the massive scale fights.

Nice eh? More Aragamis and an extended storyline. I just hope that there's a Load+ carry-over-your-former-God-Eater-character-and-its-equipment option for God Eater Burst, similar to the Armored Core series, but then again is not likely since the first game didn't hit US shores.

Let's see what title will players dump: God Eater Burst, Monster Hunter 3, or Lord of Arcana? Nonetheless they're sure to be smash hits.

'Till my next installment.

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