God of War: Ghost of Sparta Leaked!

Or so we thought. Again.

Rewind to almost 12 hours ago: Someone (that won't be named) released what was thought to be the full God of War: Ghost of Sparta ISO in a PSP forum. It was an multi-part file around 860+MB and was uploaded at Uploading.com. Members were excited as hell because the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo is just going to be released next week, and yet we had at our disposal an alleged full ISO. If the forum was a room IRL, I'm absolutely sure it would've sounded like the crowd at the Pacquiao-Cotto fight in Las Vegas.

Rewind to almost 10 hours ago:  Members finally downloaded the whole thing. Disassembled the whole thing. They found a Photoshop hash inside the game. Lots said that Photoshop = Fake. Meanwhile, others argued that the developers of the game could've used Photoshop in editing the actual photos of the game. It was later proven that several legitimate games do contain legitimate Photoshop files (Note to self: Photoshop inside ISO = may or may not be fake).

Users also raised the issue of the game having the "SLUS" prefix instead of the "ULUS" - another indication that the game was probably fake.

Rewind to almost 9 hours ago: Underground renowned cracker Kiss of Death downloaded the file himself to finally see what the fuss was all about. He stood for the uploader, saying that the uploaded ISO could be real. He later changed his stance when he unpacked the .cpk files of the said game. The alleged God of War: Ghost of Sparta leak was, in fact, Persona. (Note to self: In making sure if a game is genuine or not, always head for the .cpk files, don't look at the images of the game unless it's super obvious those are fake)

Fast forward to now: The supposed God of War: Ghost of Sparta leak is still being talked about. Many have been angered by the actions of the uploader. By uploading something as big a title as this game, he led many to believe that this was an authentic leak. While we are not new to leaks (Eminem's "Recovery" album was leaked online a full month ahead of release date), such a big title when leak-released, whether genuine or fake, garner lots of attention, thus the understandable rage of people.

Anyway, in fairness to whoever created this, truly he or she somewhat deserves respect at a somewhat level. The creator went through all the necessary troubles of making the fake God of War: Ghost of Sparta leak look genuine - so genuine in fact that even some of the top brass of the PSP community were befuddled with what to make of the file.

Long story short: Fake.

'Till my next installment.

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