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I was sifting through my e-mail the other day when I saw this message from Tony of BlogCatalog about the lack of clean water for people today. And let me tell you, it's surprising.

Did you know that over 4,000 children die each day due to illnesses brought forth by lack of clean drinking water? At first I thought, 4,000 deaths a day, really? But then when I thought about it, it's very possible. I mean, untreated water is a great nesting ground for bacteria and parasites that bring illnesses and diseases to people who drink it. There's amoebiasis, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea and plenty more. These organisms are just waiting to go inside our system. Scary huh?

It's understandable if a couple or a hundred people get sick due to unclean water because it can be easily attributed to broken pipelines or leakages or outbreaks in an isolated area. But what's unbelievable is that in this tech age of ours, 4,000 children a day need to die because of lack of clean water. That's more or less 1 million child deaths a year. Of course if you're living in an urban area or in a developed country you won't suffer this problem. I bet you haven't even heard of this problem, just like me. Well, the day the I read that message, I decided to contribute to WaterAid's cause. As much as I want to contribute to their cause financially, unfortunately I don't have the means. So I've decided to help the best way I can - by telling you about it.

See, WaterAid America and are working together to eradicate the lack of clean water problem by raising money to build five clean water wells. These five clean water wells - which can be built for a few thousand dollars - will guarantee clean and safe drinking water to the community it will be built on. It's a small step to totally eradicate the problem. Nonetheless, it's still a step, and it's what you can call progress. And hey, at least these good folks from WaterAid and are helping other people out.

For far less than an iPhone, you can also join their cause. Be a good samaritan any way you can. Help them financially or do what I'm doing - blog. Make neighbors aware that people outside your comfort zone need clean drinking water. Realize that you're way blessed purchasing these distilled water bottles in Wal-Mart while these people drink water from a random puddle outside their homes.

Open your eyes and make a difference. Visiting the links below is a small step. Nonetheless, it's still a step. And it's progress.

WaterAid America's A Burden for Thirst
BloggerUnite's A Burden for Thirst

Should you decide to write about this in your blog, please paste the badge below, just like me, and make people aware:

'Till my next installment.

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