Mayweather Comments Racist Remarks Against Pacquiao

Yesterday, around 1:30 AM, Floyd Mayweather Jr was flaunting his riches to the world in his UStream account. Meanwhile, a viewer was bombarding Mayweather with "When will you fight Pacquiao?" questions and comments. Finally, an irritated Mayweather gave in, and the video below was what ensued:

I'm an advocate against racism, and I make it a huge deal not to offend anyone with racist remarks, let alone mention them myself. And with this video I can say that Malcolm X would totally be disappointed with Floyd Mayweather Jr's actions. Not only did Mayweather show how much of an insecure jerk he is, he also showed that Manny Pacquiao was a man of higher class than him. Why? Because when reached for comment, Pacquiao said that he's not interested in the video and says that the video is "an uneducated message." Well, it surely is. The video that Mayweather taped is full of hate, animosity, and racism. He called Pacquiao "Poochiao",  a yellow midget, a whore, and accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs, an accusation that his father Floyd Mayweather Sr had never proven. Uhuh. A midget. Right. Considering that Mayweather's only  couple of centimeters taller than Pacquiao. I guess that makes him a taller midget.

During the video, Mayweather also went on a rant about Pacquiao's record, even though Pacquiao has not lost a fight since 2005, and made incorrect comments about the money each had received for recent fights and endorsements. Lifted transcript below:

" 'Poochiao' got three losses and two draws and been knocked out twice," Mayweather said. "So, like I said before, once I beat him it's going to be a cakewalk and it's on to the next. ... We know Pacquiao made $6 million in his last fight and Floyd Mayweather made $65 million in his last fight. Three losses, two draws. Ohhh, hell no, this is America baby. We built on winning. Step your game up, f----t. ... That mother f----- Pacquiao, he can't speak no English. He never seen a contract he didn't like. Mother f----- signed with two companies [Top Rank and Golden Boy]. Look it up. And then this mother f------ with Nike only got 70 Gs. How stupid can a mother f----- be? Reebok gave me a million dollars for three weeks. I wore Reebok s--- for a week for a million dollars. ... This mother f------'s name is Emmanuel. He got a fake name, taking power pellets."

To be honest, Floyd's just playing hit and run. He runs away from Pacquiao and hits him with trash while he's out promoting his fight with Margarito. What's bad is, Mayweather nut huggers actually supported the trash talk. It's like promoting racism. It's like if you say something against an African American you're racist but when an African American expressly says racist remarks against you it's fine. You see how double standards come into play here?

If I was in the same class level as Mayweather, I'd trashtalk with him until blue hell surfaces.

Even anti-racist African-American, Mayweather's own blood, are condemning him of his actions. Some said that they're African-Americans and they can't wait to see Pacquiao break Mayweather's nose. This is proof that anti-racism knows no bounds, that we have sensible brothers and sisters that pay respect to people as much as they want to be paid respect. I'm with those brothers and sisters that want the hate to stop.

Anyway, I hope Mayweather's sponsors pay great attention to this video. I hope they back out of all sponsorship deals they made with this racist just like when sponsors backed out in Tiger Woods' mistresses affairs.

Hey Floyd, if it happens that you're personally reading this, I suggest you do less talk and more work. Stand up from your pretentious couch and fight Pacquiao. Prove to me that you ain't chicken. Prove to me that you're more than just trashtalk and accusations.

'Till my next installment.

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