Phantasy Star Portable 2 [USA] CWCheats

Phantasy Star Portable 2 is a video game for the PlayStation Portable, produced by Alfa System and published by SEGA. Looking for Phantasy Star Portable 2 CWCheats? Read on below.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 takes place three years after the events of Phantasy Star Universe, all four races defeated and sealed off the SEED. However, a new issue takes the center stage, the resources in Gurhal are quickly diminishing. Due to this, a “Sub-space sailing theory” was set in place, where Gurhalians migrate to outer space. The player will participate in a private military group known as “Little Wing” on Clad 6, a space colony resort.

Seriously, the cheats so long I think you need to have at least some experience in code manipulation to fully enjoy the benefits of the codes below. I could help you if you need assistance. Enjoy the Phantasy Star Portable 2 CWCheats anyways:

Note: Some codes may not work in the online mode. Codes below were created in the offline story mode environment.

_S ULUS-10529
_G Phantasy Star Portable 2
_C0 Max Meseta In Storage
_L 0x20A15DB0 0x7FFFFFFF
_L 0x20F23C30 0x7FFFFFFF
_C0 Level 20
_L 0x209FCB90 0x00006978
_C0 Level 40
_L 0x209FCB90 0x00030D40
_C0 Level 60
_L 0x209FCB90 0x0009EB10
_C0 Level 80
_L 0x209FCB90 0x002191C0
_C0 Level 100
_L 0x209FCB90 0x005B8D80
_C0 Level 120
_L 0x209FCB90 0x00D59F80
_C0 Level 140
_L 0x209FCB90 0x018CBA80
_C0 Level 160
_L 0x209FCB90 0x029F6300
_C0 Level 180
_L 0x209FCB90 0x041CDB40
_C0 Max Extend All Types
_L 0x109FCC06 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x109fcbf8 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x109fcbea 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x109fcbdc 0x0000FFFF
_C0 Infinite Extend All Types
_L 0x109FCC08 0x00000000
_L 0x109fcbfa 0x00000000
_L 0x109fcbec 0x00000000
_L 0x109fcbde 0x00000000
_C0 Inventory Slot 2 Percentage Modifier
_L 0x009FCED1 0x0000003C
_L 0x016534BD 0x0000003C
_C0 Inventory Slot 2 Element Modifier
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000001
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000001
_C0 Storage Slot 1 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 2 
_L 0x20A10FA4 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 3
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 4
_L 0x20A10Fcc 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 5
_L 0x20A10Fe0 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 6
_L 0x20A10Ff4 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 7
_L 0x20A11008 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 8
_L 0x20A1101c 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 9
_L 0x20A11030 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 10
_L 0x20A11044 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 11
_L 0x20A11058 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 12
_L 0x20A1106c 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 13
_L 0x20A11080 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 14
_L 0x20A11094 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 15
_L 0x20A110a8 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 100
_L 0x20A1174c 0x00000000
_C0 Storage Slot 1000
_L 0x20A15d9c 0x00000000

How To Use
- Enter game, go to your room, activate code, look at your storage. You WILL have over 2 billion meseta in there and you can withdraw from it. Turn code off.

Level Up
Go into any mission, activate code, kill an enemy, turn code off.

Inventory Slot 2 Percentage Modifier
Go to your room deposit all your items until you have only 1 item on (in my case i was wearing the power ranger costume as my only item). This code will modify the 2nd item in your inventory so if you have several items of clothes it wont work.

Withdraw the desired weapon to modify from your storage, activate the code, then walk out of your room. Check your inventory to make sure your item was mofidied. By default i set it to 60% which is the max you can legally attain. 

Walk back into your room and deposit the item and pick up the next one you want to modify you can keep doing this rinse and repeat until all your items are 60%. Turn code off when you are satisfied. The Digits you edit for this code are the last two - 3C- that will determine the percentage. It's already at max you can only edit down from that if you dont want perfect element for some reason.

Inventory Slot 2 Element Modifier
Ok this one works almost identical to the Percentage modifier for Slot 2 in your character's inventory. The difference is the last two digits of the code - 01 - is the number you change for the specific element desired. By default this is set to FIRE. Here is a list of the digits-element

01 = Fire
02 = Ice
03 = Lightning
04 = Ground
05 = Light
06 = Dark

MAX Extend Points

Load your character, activate code, go to your room, confirm code by checking your character's STATS you'll see he'll have max Extend Points for the selected Type. This code pretty much requires you to change rooms after activating it (just like the item element modifier codes posted above). You'll have 65535 Extend Points to play with enjoy.

Infinite Extend Points
This code is ONLY limited by your MAX EXTEND CAPACITY. Otherwise you can activate it and use it right away without needing to switch rooms or anything. So I highly recommend you get yourself a few job levels or use the max extend point code to increase the capacity and then use this code to take your weapons to max. 

Storage Slot 1 Modifier
WARNING - THIS CODE WILL OVERWRITE YOUR ITEM IF YOU HAVE ANY IN THERE. For best results EMPTY out your storage of all items. You don't need to have any items in there, when you are ready activate the code. You'll notice i posted it's value as AABBCCDD, this is because the code addresses certain qualities about the item i have not checked all of them, that's for you all to do, and post on here for everyone else to know.

To Make A Sword use the following value
0x00000101 = Sword
0x00010101 = Gigush
0x00020101 = Breaker

Most items have the same item digits they had in phantasy star portable 1 so its easy.

[Credit to Netspeed for the following Legend]


Check to see the correct items Manufacturer 

AA = Manufacturer 
GRM AA = 00
Yohmei AA = 01
Tenora Works AA = 02
Kubara AA = 03

BB = Item Digit - Basically the item digit. If you guys want the item digits say so i still have the digits from the first game.

CC = This is the type of weapon/armor. 

01 - Swords 
02 - Knuckles
03 - Spears
04 - Double Sabers
05 - Axes
06 - Twin Sabers
07 - Twin Daggers
08 - Twin Claws
09 - Sabers
0A - Daggers
0B - Claws
0C - Whips
0D - Slicers
0E - Rifles
0F - Shotguns
10 - Longbows
11 - Grenades
12 - Laser Cannons
13 - Twin Handguns
14 - Handguns
15 - Crossbows
16 - Cards
17 - Machineguns
18 - Rods
19 - Wands
1A - TECH-Mag
1B - R-Mag

DD = Item Type = Like Akaiyou said, 01 for weapons etc.

NOTE - After you are done having our fun modifying and creating items from scratch. Withdraw the item and exit room. It should all be in perfect working order. Have fun, I leave it to you guys to figure out what each 'Item Digit' grants.


infinite hp alt code x1
0x10a4b314 0x00000c8

infinite hp alt code x2
0x115969b0 0x000000c8


_C0 Complete Creature Log
_L 0x80A160D8 0x00DA0001
_L 0x100003E8 0x00000000
_C0 Complete Costume Collection
_L 0x40A16064 0x001B0001
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000
Storage Slot1 Item Mod
0x20A10F90 0xyyzzaaxx
Storage Slot1 Item Quantity
0x10A10F94 0x00000xxx   - only for items that have quantity like Monomate
Storage Slot1 Item Element mod
0x10A10FA0 0x0000yyxx
Use This Only for photon Arts disc lvl
0x00A10FA0 0x000000yy  - Change yy to 01-1D and 1D is the max lvl

Storage Slot2 Item Mod
0x20A10FA4 0x00xxxxxx
Storage Slot2 Item Quantity
0x00A10FA8 0x00000xxx
Storage Slot2 Item Element mod
0x10A10FB0 0x0000yyxx

Storage Slot3 Item Mod
0x20A10FB8 0xyyzzaaxx
Storage Slot3 Item Quantity
0x20A10FBC 0x00000xxx
Storage Slot3 Item Element mod
0x20A10FC8 0x0000yyxx

Element mod Digits xx
01= Fire    - burn
02= Ice     - freeze
03= Thunder - shock
04= Earth   - Confuse
05= Holy    - sleep
06= Dark    - poison

yy= 00 - 3C the percentage of the element

Storage Item Mod yyzzaaxx Digits

00000101 = Sword

00000201 = Knuckles

00000301 = Spear
03100301 = Bulltet Lancer
03160301 = Toop Nasur

Double Sabers


Twin Sabers
00000601 = Twin Saber

Twin Daggers
00000701 = Twin Dagger

Twin Claws

00000901 = Saber
03230901 = Exam

00000A01 = Dagger

03110B01 = Shark Puppet



00000E01 = Rifle
03140E01 = Maverick Rifle


00001001 = Longbows


Laser Cannons

Twin Handguns
00001301 = Twin Handgun

00001401 = Handgun
01001401 = Pistatore


03091601 = Dream Master

00001701 = Machinegun
030F1701 = Puyo Pop Fever Gun

00001B01 = Duke

00001801 = Rod
03131801 = Clarita Vistas I

00001901 = Wand

00001A01 = Pit

00001C01 = Shield

00010102 = Brand Weave
00050102 = Green Green Weave
01010102 = Hek-senba

00000208 = Perpa/Power
00000308 = Perpa/Guard
00050308 = Perpa/Legs
00120308 = Confuse Resist
000E0408 = Whitill Wing C

000F0609 = Mikunas Set
00220609 = Rosentreim

00000103 = Monomate
00010103 = Dimate
00020103 = Trimate
00030103 = Star Atomizer
00060103 = Sol Atomizer
00090103 = Scape Doll
000A0103 = Shiftaride
000B0103 = Debanride
00050403 = Heart Key Spellstone
000A0403 = Phonton Drop
000F0403 = PA Fragment

Phonton Arts
00000304 = Dus Daggas
00000204 = Bogga Danga
00030404 = Cyclone Dance
00010504 = Anga Redda
00030604 = Blade Destruction
00060604 = Rising Crush
00060704 = Hishou Jinren-zan
00000804 = Bubuu Resen-ga
00020904 = Infinite Storm
00060904 = Rising Strike
00060A04 = Shunbu Shouren-zan
00010B04 = Shousen Totsuzan-ga
00040C04 = Vissi Grudda
00000105 = Power shoot
00000605 = Power Bullets
00030705 = Save Shot
00040A05 = Meseta Fury
00020106 = Damfoie
00040106 = Shifta
00000306 = Zonde
00000506 = Resta

MS Device
0019010E = MS Device GH460

NOTE is easier to just empty your storage first then put in 4 items and remenber them, so if you put Exam first then that will be your slot1. The item slot will not change even if you store in more stuff unless you take out your Exam on slot1 and store in new item. So if you take out the Exam on slot1 and put in a new item to mod, that item will go to slot1 of the storage and not slot5 etc.. Enjoy


_C0 Inf PP
_L 0x201F9E88 0x24027FFF
_C0 Item use inf
_L 0x2028357c 0x00000000
_L 0x20285a80 0x00000000
_C0 Exp Multiplier
_L 0x2001DEC8 0x00059xxx
_C0 Job Exp Multiplier
_L 0x2001EC48 0x00058xxx
_C0 No Extend Code Needed
_L 0x200B4D78 0x1000FFF3
_C0 Weapon Drop
_L 0x20296FA0 0x24020008
_L 0x20296C3C 0x00000000
_L 0x20296c78 0x10000080
_C0 Photon Disc Drop
_L 0x20296FA0 0x24020005
_L 0x20296C3C 0x00000000
_L 0x20296c78 0x10000010
_C0 Normal Drop
_L 0x20296FA0 0x00601021
_L 0x20296C3C 0x14600014
_L 0x20296c78 0x10400080
_L 0x20296E84 0x88430019
_L 0x20296E88 0x98430016
_C0 Mirage Blast Gauge
_L 0x2001E6A4 0x24022710
_L 0x2020C48C 0x24022710
_L 0x20222FC8 0x24042710
_C0 Attribute 60% Drops
_L 0x20296654 0x10000009
_L 0x2029666C 0x00000000
_C0 Prayer type (Hold L)
_L 0xD0000000 0x10000100
_L 0x20251178 0x240500xx
_L 0xD0000000 0x30000100
_L 0x20251178 0x02602821
_C0 Prayer effect %
_L 0x4051F06C 0x00070001
_L 0xyyyyyyyy 0x00000000
_C0 Prayer Multiple Times
_L 0x200B6200 0x00000000
_L 0x200B6208 0xAC4005EC
_C0 Rare Area
_L 0x2024E510 0x24020000

xx: Effect
02: Attack
03: Defense
04: rare drop rate
05: PP consumption reduction

3fc00000: +50%
40000000: +100%
40400000: +200%
40800000: +300%
40c00000: +500%
41300000: +1000%
461C4000: +10000%

All equip drops become 60% with the attribute code. To use the prayer type code, hold the L button while Sayo gives you the blessing (the one with ellipses appearing). Note that when you use the effect code it doesn't matter how much you give her you'll get the % that you put in the code. If you use the rare drop increase, as far as I have seen anything above 200% seems to prevent normal items from dropping and you'll get only mesetas and equips. 500% and above seems to restrict drops to equips only. Finally, the rare area code activates the rare area teleporter at the end of open missions. Be warned though I haven't tested if turning off the rare area code returns everything to normal. Have fun guys 

EDIT: x1 multiplier for exp = 800 x1 multiplier for job exp = 000

_C0 Inf PP
_L 0x201F9E88 0x24027FFF
_C0 Item use inf
_L 0x2028357c 0x00000000
_L 0x20285a80 0x00000000

_C0 Exp Multiplier
_L 0x2001DEC8 0x00059xxx
_C0 Job Exp Multiplier 
_L 0x2001EC48 0x00058xxx

840 = x2
880 = x4
8C0 = x8
900 = x16
940 = x32
980 = x64
9c0 = x128

Job Exp
040 = x2
080 = x4
0C0 = x8
100 = x16
140 = x32
180 = x64
1C0 = x128


Twin sabers Skills

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Splendor Crush 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000604
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Assault Crush
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010604
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Cross Hurricane
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020604
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Blade Destruction 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030604
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Rising Crush
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00060604
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Sabers Skills

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Gravity Strike 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000904
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Spinning Strike
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010904
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Infinite Storm 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020904
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Rising Strike 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00060904
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Twin handguns Bullets

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Power Bullets
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000605
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Hit Bullets 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010605
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Long-Range Bullet
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020605
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Save Bullets 
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030605
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Elemental Bullets
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00040605
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Handguns Bullets

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Power Shot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000705
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Hit Shot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010705
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Long-Range Shot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020705
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Save Shot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030705
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Elemental Shot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00040705
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Twin Claws Skills

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Bukuu Rensen-ga
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000804
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Renzan Seidan-ga
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010804
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Chueiji Tosshin
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020804
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Sougacho Sekka
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030804
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Rensan Senshou-ga
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00060804
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Twin Daggers Skills

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Moubu Seiren-zan
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000704
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Renga Chujin-shou
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010704
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Soujin Ranbu-sho
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020704
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Renkai Buyou-zan
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00040704
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Hishou Jinren-zan
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00060704
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Double Saber Skills

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Spiral Dance
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000404
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Absolute Dance
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010404
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Tornado Dance
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020404
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Cyclone Dance
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030404
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Gravity Dance
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00040404
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

Rifles Bullets

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Power Shoot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000105
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Hit Shoot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010105
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Long-Range Shoot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020105
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Save Shoot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030105
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D
_C0 Storage Slot 1 Buster Shoot
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00040105
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

And some more armors and etc codes

_C0 Storage Slot 3 Rabol Yiel 
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x021E0102
_L 0x20A10FC8 0x00003C05
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Feril / Power
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00040208
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Feril / Guard
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00040308

_C0 Storage Slot 3 Crimson Wing
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00200408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Darkness Wing
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x000F0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Whitill Wing
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00660408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Brightness Circle
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00690408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Photon Field
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00240408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Celebrity Aura
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x001F0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Darkness Spell
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00130408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Whiting Spell
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00140408

_C0 Storage Slot 3 Inferno Roar
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00560408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Ice-Blade Gust
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00590408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Storm Flash
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x005C0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Landslide Impact
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x005F0408
_C0 Storage Slot 3 Diabolic Embrace
_L 0x20A10FB8 0x00650408


_C0 Storage Slot 1 Resta
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00000506
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Giresta
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00010506
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Grants
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00020506
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

_C0 Storage Slot 1 Damgrants
_L 0x20A10F90 0x00030506
_L 0x10A10FA0 0x0000001D

_C0 Instant LVL 200 [after 1 kill]
_L 0x209FCB90 0x05F5E100

_C0 Infinite HP
_L 0x015952B0 0x000000CA

_C0 Slot 2 Element Mod Fire
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000001
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000001
_C0 Slot 2 Element Mod Ice
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000002
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000002
_C0 Slot 2 Element Mod Lightning
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000003
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000003
_C0 Slot 2 Element Mod Ground
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000004
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000004
_C0 Slot 2 Element Mod Light
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000005
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000005
_C0 Slot 2 Element Mod Dark
_L 0x009FCED0 0x00000006
_L 0x016534BC 0x00000006

_C0 Speed 
_L 0x20002000 0x3C01????
_L 0x20002004 0x0A2BD232
_L 0x20002008 0x4481A000
_L 0x2021CDD4 0x0E200800
Ported to USA by lee4

3F80 x 1 (Default)
4000 x 2
4040 x 3
4080 x 4

I've never seen several coders join forces to make codes for a single game since 2009, proof that this game is very much expected and loved. Anyway, credits to all the coders/organizations mentioned below for the codes above:

Again, thanks to these people for the Phantasy Star Portable 2 CWCheats.

'Till my next installment.

[Credits and photo by Wikipedia]

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    Human male
    Name Drake
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    plz message me at
    thank you i already beat the game on hard but i want to have a lv 200 without going through the trouble of all the missions plz :D
    and if you dont mind can you make a lv 200 cast named razor and a 200 beast named mitchell plz you dont have to do the story line but if you know how to make weapons can you make a agito repca 60% dark, ice, light, sangeyasha 60% light, ice, ground, Ely Sion ice, light, dark, Kokuintou Houzuki, ice, ground, dark, ice, Sange ice only, and a skull sorcerer dark (3 of those weapons each please) and max out the types please thank you who ever does this:D
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  9. _C0 Infinite HP
    _L 0x015952B0 0x000000CA

    dont work for me @ 5.50 Prome-4
    but i found this

    _C0 Infinite HP 9999
    _L 0x015952B6 0x00000063
    _L 0x015952B2 0x00000063

    an it works great :D

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  13. any codes that I researched never worked including this. It's a bit frustrating, I have been dealing with this the whole day, whenever I activate a code even just one, it freezes then turns off my psp. I have a 1000 running on 5.50 prome-4, I don't know if it's my iso that's making it bugged or the codes. can anyone help me with this? I really want to play psp2 again but with cheats. Thank you to who will reply.


  14. ^Hey there Nash, there's some really faulty cheats over at PSP2. I tried it myself and some really do freeze. I suspect people having different ISOs, creating different codes for them. One will work on one ISO, the other will freeze it.

    Anyway, keep trying the codes above. If one code freezes your game, delete the line from your database. I found some decent codes that didn't freeze my game.

  15. @TJ Panganiban

    Hi TJ, this is Nash28, thanks for the heads up, I'll follow your advice. I just wanted atleast 1 code to work because I have already downloaded alot of iso's already cause I thought it might be it. Thanks. I'll give a report to what will happen.

  16. EDIT: @TJ Panganiban

    Hi again TJ, Nash28 here, I got the cheats to work now, I just followed the advice of somebody on a psp forum to upgrade to 6.20 Pro-B6 and the codes worked without freezing my game anymore. Thanks for the codes!

  17. how to activate the codes?

  18. HOW do you get codes like , EXP to work when others kill an enemy, it only works for myself

  19. can anyone help me, my psp hang up when rare item drops.

  20. Will these work on a Phantasy Star Portable 2 CSO?

  21. really nice thanks yoo!!

  22. @TJ

    hey, i was just wondering if you could send me the item digit list

    here's my gmail

    thanks bro

  23. I'm hoping that a "Max Accuracy" cheat is discovered.
    I rather play the game with a challenge without the frustration that it has a "hit rate" attribute. I mean, I see my sword go through the enemy and it says 0. Isn't this the reason we prefer real-time fighting games over turn-based?

  24. I am trying to use the max meseta in storage code and I cant get to work. I go into my room, activate the code, and it doesn't work. I am using tempar for the code. Please help.

  25. Hello there, I go by the name of Akaiyou. Recently decided to revisit this game after hacking the hell out of it from what you see in the above codes...any how.

    I see lots of you are having codes not working. This was a problem from the beginning you need to use the correct ISO for some of these codes, most people hacking the game were using the PSP2 ISO by Hako if i remember correctly.

    Try looking for it the codes I made at least should work with that ISO. Which includes the first number of codes including the explanations on how to get them to work. All those codes should work if u follow the instructions with the correct ISO


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