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Who's up for some God Eater Burst action? I sure am! The God Eater Burst demo has just been released and boy would you love the game. The God Eater Burst demo alone containts 29 missions already, that's like two chapters of the whole game. And considering the fact that anything with the God Eater name on it is good, God Eater Burst should be equally good as well, maybe even better since it's the sequel. So what are you waiting for? Download the God Eater Burst demo now for free!

The God Eater Burst demo's available on the official God Eater website, Not sure if it's available on the PSN already since it was just recently released. Unfortunately (again and this I really emphasize) the game is in Japanese, which means you'll have a hard time figuring the game out. Anyway, free PSP games download links for God Eater Burst below:

Free PSP Games Download God Eater Burst Demo Here ( link 1)

Free PSP Games Download God Eater Burst Demo Here ( link 2)

Game: God Eater Burst
Genre: Role-Playing/Monster Hunting
Size: 190MB
Version Requirement: 6.31 OFW
Release Date: Japan - Oct. 27, 2011 / North America - TBA

Installation instructions:

1. After downloading and extracting the file, plug your PSP onto your computer;
2. Go to your PSP, locate the PSP folder;
3. After locating the PSP folder, locate the GAME folder;
4. Copy and paste the God Eater Burst (NPJH90167)  file in the GAME folder;
5. Play the game.

Don't worry, the game is legitimate. It's not pirated. It's an official download from Namco Bandai.

I know, I'm as excited as you are. I want to test this game out so bad. The only thing I don't have right now is the luxury of time. But what the hell, this is God Eater Burst we're talking about. Since the first God Eater story seems kind of a cliffhanger, I'd download this sequel right away while it's still up if I were you.

'Till my next installment.

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