Lord of Arcana English Menu Translation Patch

Lord of Arcana, the game that Square Enix brought to the table to challenge Namco Bandai's and Capcom's more dominant games, is unfortunately still in Japanese. Luckily for us, some dude named Ero Ninja took the trouble of making us a Lord of Arcana English menu translation patch! Well, it's not really a patch per se, but a literal translation, which of course, would help you a lot with the game. Still, we're obviously counting for a complete Lord of Arcana English menu translation patch to save our day. Japanese is like the most hardestest language to learn on the face of the Earth ever! Just kidding. Anyway, proceed below for the menu translation:

•Main Menu
+New Game
-Import from Trial
+Load Game
-Small Install
-Full Install

•Camp Menu
+ Items
+Quest information

•Bank Menu
-Weapons & Armor
-Magic Cards
-Ultimate Cards
-Weapon Artes
-Equipment Sets
-Equip Set
-Register Set
+Sell Items
-From Bag
-From Storage

•Alchemy Menu
+Combine to inventory
+Combine to bank

•Item Shop
-Buy to inventory
-Buy to bank
-Sell from inventory
-Sell from Bank

•Blacksmith Menu

•Save Menu
-Would you like to save?-
-Return to the main menu?-

Hey, it may be incomplete and all, but please appreciate. A future English patch might be in the works. Or maybe we could just wait for the Lord of Arcana North American release.

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'Till my next installment.

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  1. Good Work! But.. maybe im an idiot... but where is the link? =D

  2. I dont think theres a link... maybe he forgot it?

  3. where can i download it????

  4. hey asshole where is the link? fucking hag!

  5. Guys he just write a translation text.

  6. He doesn't mean a real patched game.. he just translated it literally on this page.. use your brain even once...


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