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With the coming of the Nintendo 3DS console at bay, I guess it would be very hard for Nintendo game hackers to break into the latest game securities the Nintendo 3DS games has to offer. I'm referring to Nintendo 3DS games free downloads (3DS Roms).  Let's just take for example Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Those two games gave Nintendo DS hackers a very hard time - there's a sound code in the game that if removed or altered, would render the game half-useless. Using the NO$ GBA emulator initially with the sound code altered would only let you play halfway through those two games. Fortunately now that's not the case, although some people still have difficulties in running Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

There's also Nintendo's sweeping actions to close down websites that offer free Nintendo DS games downloads., a leading provider of free Nintendo DS free games downloads, was made limp because of Nintendo's exercise of ownership. That's why I'm under the impression that people would have a very hard time locating Nintendo 3DS games free downloads. But still, hope is not lost. Game hackers are pesky and enduring. They'll keep on finding ways to abuse exploits and fortunately provide the public with top selling games like the next Pokemon titles Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Anyway, rest assured that we'll be on the lookout for the next provider of Nintendo 3DS games free downloads (3DS Roms).

'Till my next installment.

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