How to Remove Website Surveys with Mozilla Firefox

Ever encountered a website that forces you to fill up a survey about something just to see the hidden content you long for only to find out later that you've wasted 20 minutes of your life as the survey pops up again and never stops? Don't worry. You can get around those surveys in no time while using your favorite browser, Mozilla Firefox. Read the steps below:


Mozilla Firefox, preferably the latest version


1. At the upper part of your Firefox browser, locate the Tools tab;
2. A cascade menu appears. Go to Options;
3. Click on the Contents tab;
4. Uncheck the "Enable Javascript" tick box;
5. Click OK.

Voila! Now you should be able to access the contents of the site you're trying to break into without filling up that nasty survey. The only letdown of this Firefox trick is, it's not perfect. It works most of the time, but there are certain surveys that require more complicated bypassing techniques. I'll discuss that on a later post, maybe.

How to remove website surveys with Mozilla Firefox, here at Tj's.

'Till my next installment.

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