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After weeks and weeks of contemplating on whether or not I should create a Tj's Daily Facebook fan page, I finally decided to do it. It's been a hard decision for me, knowing that once you step into the borders of social networking sites, people can snoop your data, mine them and God knows what they'll do with them. Use them as blackmail, sell them to companies, whatever. In fact, I'm 50/50 about this move of mine. Only the long term effects of this fan page can tell if it's a success or not. Hopefully it'd be a hit.

See, I particularly did this for more website traffic. Lots of SEOers are saying that if you want to get more traffic (visitors), you need to market your brand and you need to market your brand to the fullest. Share links, submit sites to directories, and join social networking sites such as Facebook, which currently has the biggest share of the social networking pie. Of course I want some of that traffic too. I want more exposure for this blog - that's why I created the fan page.

What's ironic though is I'm a very private person. Search my name up in any social networking site you know. Chances are nobody will show up. Google my name: This blog will surely come up first. You won't easily find any data of me in the internet. The Tj Panganiban on Facebook? Sorry to burst your bubble but that's not me. The only account I have on Facebook is this blog's fan page. I'm really really wary of the data I turn over to the internet because once it's in there, it'll be forever in there. Data that I release could haunt me ten, fifteen years from now. So nu-uh, no personal Facebook profile for me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fan page as much as I did creating and looking at it. Let's see this project bring more traffic to my site. More importantly than traffic, I hope I can forge genuine friends via this social networking site.

Check the official Tj's Daily fan page HERE.

'Till my next installment.

P.S. How do you create your own Facebook fan page? That's up for another post.

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