Download Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patch Version 0.29c by KenshiHH and Team HGG

Lots of people have been asking me about a complete Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English patch. Seems that the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English translations I shared aren't enough. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, PSP translators are working non-stop to make things easier for us gamers. That is, they're doing English patches by the week. If you're in the know, KenshiHH has released a third Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English patch based on Aumanx's initial work – the Version 0.29c. Changelog below:

Changelog v0.29c (KenshiHH):

Translated some skill names
Translated some menu options
Translated most of the Village Elder's quest
Translated almost all of the item names
Translated some weapon names

Changelog v1.1 (Team HGG)

Items 100 %
Pop-up messages (including HH notes) 95%
Armor skills 100%
Armor skills descriptions 0%
Weapon - GS 100%
Menus 90%
Quests 100%
Training School 85%
Felyne skills 100%
Other Felyne stuff Y%
All in-game text 15%
PapimeruPC 100% converted for MHP3
PapimeruPSP 20% converted for MHP3

Now, we have two ways to install the patch in your Monster Hunter Portable 3rd untouched/clean ISO. Remember, it should be in the ISO format and is free/untouched/clean from any previous patches.

If you know how to handle PPF patches and the UMDGEN, here's the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patch Version 0.29c PPF patch and UMDGEN download link.

How to apply the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patch Version 0.29c PPF patch:

1. Open UMDGEN, click on Open and look for the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ISO;
2. Look for the file named DATA.BIN inside the USRDIR folder;
3. Right click on DATA.BIN and choose Apply PPF patch to selected file;
4. Now choose the file named ppftest.ppf;
5. Click Apply then save the patched ISO into whatever name and format you wish (ISO, CSO, DAX)
6. Play.

Alternatively, you could use this Auto Patcher courtesy of Animex if you aren't that familiar with manually installing PPF patches. Just follow the instructions below:

1. Download the Auto Patcher below: (New patch v1.1 by Team HGG)

2. Extract the file and open the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Patcher.exe inside the M.H.P.3rd.English.Patcher folder;
3. After opening, you'll see three options. Click on it in order starting from left to right i.e. Check MD5, Apply Ripkit and Save as CSO. Now, you have the option of not saving your work in CSO format. If you wish to do so, just exit the program;
4. Voila, play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd .

Attention: The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd English Auto Patcher method will eat up a lot of your computer's resources. So unless you want your PC to hang in front of you, stop everything you're currently doing and let the autopatcher take its course. When the program initially checks for the MD5 hash of your ISO, the program may seem non-responsive, but trust me it's running.

Attention: Be sure that your Monster Hunter Portable 3rd  untouched/clean ISO's MD5 hash is of the same hash designated in this auto patcher. Your clean ISO must exactly have 1,207,140,352 bytes or else you CANNOT use this method.

Attention: If your Monster Hunter Portable 3rd won't run, make sure you've patched it with Takka's latest 1.92 ISO Tool release. 

I hope you'll be able to enjoy Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with this English patch by KenshiHH. I've played the English patch myself and for me there's still a lot of work to be done.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. Hello! So I went to this link, "" and found out that it's only the UMDGen file. Where is the ppftest.ppf file to be patched?

  2. its there the 1st link just extract it

  3. sir whre can i find ppftest.ppf

  4. People looking for a file, this link is still valid:

  5. is there a patch for ps3

  6. where can i download the english pacth for monster hunter portable 3rd from its not in megaupload plllzzzzzzzzzzz help.........

  7. The megaupload is now dead thanks to sopa. i need the link plssss, i have 5.5 prom-4 and it keeps freezing and shut down before i go to the start menu. plss help

  8. anyoe no f u can download the game from the intern for free into the psp???


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