Exchange Gift Ideas Under P200 to P500 for an Office Christmas Party | Exchange Gift Ideas for Boys and Men

Recently at our office we did the usual Monito Monita Christmas routine - the raffling of employee names to other employees so they can exchange gifts.

The minimum amount set for our Christmas gifts was P200. We were then asked to write what we wanted that was around P200 on a piece of paper. That's when I thought, "What's a good exchange gift idea under P200 for an office Christmas party?"

Written below are my exchange gift ideas under P200 for office Christmas parties:

•Lottery Scratch Cards 
Costs P20 each. You can buy ten pieces of this. Exacts to the P200 peso mark. Who knows, your officemate might win P200,000 during your Christmas party.

•Hard Boy T-Shirts | Hard Boy Tees
This T-shirt brand is of good quality and sells for P100 at Divisoria. If your exchange gift partner is a male of slim body build, you can give him two pieces of this nice shirt. There's even a Hard Boy Polo Shirt that costs exactly P200. I approve. I own 10 shirts of this brand myself.

Who can say no to earphones and headphones? You can check your local Comic Alley for earphones that cost P199. CD-R King also offers headphones and earphones that won't go past P200. Better yet, check out Land Mark Ayala. They sell a plethora of earphones and headphones there, 95% of which are under P200, plus the fact that they're very cool to look at too. Models include football earphones, basketball earphones, billiard ball earphones, a whole lot of other random models. 

Yes, food! You can gift your Monito or Monita with a 6-pack of those large fine cookie biscuits. I'd happily accept one myself.

•Gift Certificates
Why not? Every year end we receive lots of gift certificates from fellow office workers worth around P200 to P500 and I gotta say it helps a lot when we do our Christmas food shopping. I'm even thinking of purchasing turkey to be served on Christmas Eve. Perfect for mothers or young women aiming to help their families with the expenses. Here's to a lot of gift certificates coming this Christmas!

•Prepaid Cards
At least your officemate can enjoy a month's worth of prepaid cellphone load. Or if your exchange gift partner particularly likes playing online games (Ragnarok, Warrock, etc.) you can give him or her 2 pieces of P100 prepaid game cards specifically for the game that he or she is playing (make sure you don't get it wrong or else it'll be a major bummer). I guarantee you that the one you'll be gifting with this will be absolutely happy. 

So there you have it. My short but sweet list of exchange gift ideas under P200 to P500 for an office Christmas party. By the way, Christmas parties are gonna tide up for sure this coming week so better buy your stuff now. 

'Till my next installment.

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