Feng Shui Predictions 2011 - Year of the Metal Rabbit

I was watching the TV a couple of minutes ago when a 2011 prediction segment popped up on the show.

I quickly searched the web for 2011 predictions but the only ones I came up with are Feng Shui predictions for 2011 - The year of the Metal Rabbit.

So much for the calamities and showbiz predictions for 2011.

Anyway, if you're into Feng Shui predictions and the stuff related to it, better check this page out:


It offers a vast array of Feng Shui services, fortune telling and the like. There's also this "Master Co" that offers free consultations as per appointment as long as you donate something of monetary value. He offers:

Feng Shui blessing and ritual
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Wealth enhancing ritual

He says:
Choose from our wide selection of charms, amulets, enhancers, cures and items all auspicious that will provide you with wealth, health, luck, love, etc.
All of our items are considered authentic and original since we directly import products from China , Taiwan etc. . Items bought are pre-energized and cleansed to achieve its maximum effect. Items that we sell are cheaper that you see in the market since we import our products directly and of course are considered authentic.

Pre-energized and cleansed to achieve maximum what? Sounds like one of those Power Balance and Phiten sales pitches. Should you wish to proceed, contact him at masterco_fengshui888@yahoo.com.

Anyway, here's the complete 2011 Feng Shui prediction for the Metal Rabbits out there, courtesy of aguidetoasia.com:

Will the Year of the Rabbit be good for those with the rabbit Chinese zodiac sign in 2011? What is the 2011 horoscope forecasts for the rabbit in the 2011 metal rabbit year? How will the rabbit’s fortune turn out in 2011? What are the feng shui predictions for the rabbits in 2011? The rabbit zodiac animal under the Chinese astrology predictions indicate that rabbits will have to go through some tough times in 2011. How can the rabbit seek more wealth in 2011 and how can the rabbit’s career in the office improve in 2011?

The feng shui for rabbit in 2011 is not all that rosy as the rabbits had hoped. There will be inauspicious stars and evil stars lurking near the rabbit in this Year of the Rabbit which will bring problems to them in 2011. Rabbit will face many obstacles in 2011. A good tip for the rabbits to have a better fortune in 2011 is to avoid getting into arguments because these misunderstandings may lead into lawsuits. What is the best way for the rabbits to start off 2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit? For rabbit to have good fortunes in 2011 and good feng shui in 2011, you must start off 2011 by having better relationships with other people. It is better to begin the new year by having more friends than enemies. Maintaining good harmony with the people around you will allow the rabbits to attract positive stars in 2011.

How do you know whether you have rabbit as your Chinese zodiac animal sign? If you are born in 1927, you will be a fire rabbit and if you are born in 1939, then you are an earth rabbit. If you are born in the Year of the Rabbit 1951, you will be a metal rabbit and if you are 49 years old, then you are born in 1963 Year of the Water Rabbit. Those who are born in 1975, you will have a wood rabbit as your Chinese zodiac animal while a 1987 rabbit born person is also known as a fire rabbit.

Rabbit are advised not to tread alone on their career path. According to the 2011 horoscope for the rabbits, they must stay alert throughout the metal rabbit year. Rabbit must focus their thoughts and strength and make full use of team work. If you have own a business, you should communicate more with your staff as this is the best way to get new ideas to improve the business. Rabbit must strategize together in the 2011 metal rabbit year to achieve success and obtain more money by increasing sales. A strong collective strength is needed to obtain a breakthrough in the business. 2011 Year of the Rabbit astrology tips predicts that all rabbits should network with existing and potential business partners. To improve Rabbits business luck in 2011, you should make full use of your strong analytical mind.

Rabbits will not have good wealth luck in 2011. Money tends to disappear easily in 2011 for the rabbits in the Year of the Rabbit. You must manage your finances properly in 2011 according to the 2011 Chinese astrology predictions for the rabbit. Since rabbit will not have amazing wealth luck, you should reduced spending. Rabbit must avoid gambling in the Year of the Rabbit. How can the rabbit improve their 2011 feng shui? You can put a blessed three legged wealth toad at the side of the Earth Deity and then arrange 5 old Chinese coins around the toad to obtain wealth and richness from all 5 directions.

The feng shui for rabbit in 2011 forecasts rabbit to be aware of accidents. Rabbits should drive carefully in the metal rabbit year 2011. Under the 2011 rabbit horoscope predictions, the rabbits must also stay away from risky games and dangerous sports. For the rabbit person to have a better feng shui in 2011, rabbit are advised to control their temper and be more loving to their family members. To have better relationships in 2011 for the rabbits, they are required to show more loved to their family members. Who are the compatible zodiac sign partners for the rabbits in 2011? The Chinese zodiac animals that are compatible with the rabbits in 2011 are the goat, dog and pig.

Okay, I'm done with this Feng Shui prediction thing. What's fun to think about is the 2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit. Metal Rabbit, hah. Back to work.

'Till my next installment.

[Source: aguidetoasia.com]

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