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Pocket God, the smash hit iPhone app from Bolt Creative, has just reached Facebook's shores. This time though, there's lots of Facebook-exclusive features on Pocket God's social network version.

What's Pocket God anyway? Well, if you've ever played those god RPG games on your computer, then you'll be probably be familiar with this one too.

Pocket God lets you be god over your patches of land complete with creatures called Pygmies. You can take care of them, kill them, hit them with lightning, turn them upside-down, cast upon them a rain of refrigerators and whatever your mind pleases. Whatever you want to do, you can do to your Pygmies (almost). Anyway, you'll never run out of Pygmies as long as you play enough. The more you play, the larger the island you control becomes, therefore spawning more Pygmies for you to have fun time with.

Your first actual god powers would be those of gravity and lightning elements. But as you progress through the game (and kill thousands of Pygmies along the way for completion of quests) you'll gain new powers like the ability to summon a tornado. You'll also be able to design your island with trees, Pygmy-eating plants, and sharks (no aliens?)

Just like in the iPhone version, Facebook's Pocket God is all about the life and death cycle. You kill some, you get some. Aside from new powers, exclusive features include female Pygmies and the ability to sacrifice your Facebook friends. Hah. Perfect for revenge, yes?

Just be noted that Pocket God will post messages on your wall every now and then after each session. You can turn it off however at your Privacy Settings.

Be god. Play Pocket God on Facebook HERE.

Anyway, if you're looking for Pocket God cheats or hacks, I doubt there's any yet if it concerns the infamous Cheat Engine. There's lots of glitches in Pocket God though. Some of it are listed below credits to the code submitters of latestvideogamecheats.com:

Hidden Ooga jump jetpack

Tap the arrow at the top left of the screen at any island. Then, tap the logo of three stars. Tap the star two spaces below it, then tap the view on the bar that reads “Pocket God Comic Pre-Order Bonus”. — Press “Enter” and type journey to uranus.

Lightning without the clouds

When playing, change the clouds from clear/slight overcast to the thunderclouds. Hold one finger on the thundercloud and hold it there. After that, change the clouds back to clear skies while keeping your finger where it was. When you have changed the clouds back to clear skies, drag your finger to one of the islanders like you would if the thundercloud was there, and it will make lightning without the clouds.

Ooga jump glitch

turn on overcast/thunderclouds while playing ooga jump. the blue sky and clouds will be replaced with either a white or dark grey screen (depending on the time of day)

Spirit Glitch (Freaky)

Put it on the storm setting and have a bunch of pygmies on the island. Then hit the red gem on the statue three times (x3). Then you want to create a hurricane (Don’t let the pygmies get sucked though). Once that is done they should be something like spirits.

To Get Out Of Spirit Mode

Make it night time and make the bat bit one or all of them. Once they’re vampires make it day time and that’s how you get out of the Spirit Glitch.

Ghost in a story

Go on to create story and when making your story make someone explode and then straight after make an earthquake which will make the person who explode come back as a ghost.

Canniblism and extra glitch

What you do is u put it to sunset put a pygmy and make sure u have fire wood turn ur ipod upsidedown so the pygmy dies and the wood comes back add another pygmy build your OWN fire, turn it to storm zap the dodo, put the burnt bird on the NOT lit fire , drag the pygmy to fire wood then he should build the fire then he’ll eat the bird but when he picks it up he will pick a sleeping pygmy, choke on the pygmy and fall into the water EXTRA: pick up the stone or meteor put it over the sun to create an eclipse(make sure a pygmy is on the edge of the island!), drop it and should go through the pygmy and island:D!

Faster Canaballism

Make a fire then let a Pygmy get warm near the fire once that touch the fire to burn the Pygmy then destroy the fire and stack it one on the other then strike a dodo bird with lightning and put it ontop of the wood then spawn a Pygmy and let the Pygmy stack the wood and eat the bird (wood and bird must be on the fire place)


Go to apes mountain with two guys put one guy in the torture thing and the other guy on the the thing that controls it. Pull the guy until he dies the go strait to the map and go to the ice place the guy should be in the igloo make him dance a little then try and get him out of the igloo when he gets out he will disappear!

Spider but no spider

Go to the zombie island and put a Pygmy in the spider web. Leave him there until he starts to squirm.make a tidal wave, then go to the volcano island. He should be in the tree with no spiders web!it might work on other islands,I don’t know.

Weird dance in ooga jump

When in ooga jump turn on the thunder cloud on and off repeatedly and your pygmy does a strange dance.

Well, I hope I helped you in your quest to find Pocket God cheats. Anyway, I'll post more updates on Pocket God cheats and Pocket God hacks for Facebook when word comes around. It's just a matter of time before someone finds out and shares the cheats.

'Till my next installment.

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  1. after doing the ooga jump dance it was storm mode but no storm clouds i had to close and reopen the app to get it to work normally

  2. on the facebook pocket god app if you have 4 pygmies on the island and put 3 in the volcano when the 4th on is on fire drop it in the water when it stops raining fire put the pygmy back on the land and let him disintegrate and the try flicking a pygmy (that isnt there) into the volcano and out of no where another pygmy appears

    Just make a volcano erupt (3 pygmies flicked into it) and then as everyone else is dying, spawn more pygmies, and he'll be invincible!

    once the pygmy drinks from the fridge, you can kill him again.

  5. Red gem on what statue for the Spirit Glitch???

  6. what are the three logo stars

  7. how do you fix the spider web glitch?

  8. if you put one in the water spring turn it up side down when he gits out he will walk upside down wierd

  9. If you use gravity and turn the island upside down let a pygmy hang for a while and then finally he will just get up and walk on the bottom of the island

  10. how do u pass the qouest where u kill 15 pygmies by using gravity?

  11. U all will die if post comments!

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