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This is what the real PSP2 looks like. Or at least it is what the PSP2 would look like after it gets launched mid-year next year.

If you can read the details in the PSP2 picture, then you'll get an idea. Me, I find it too bothersome to read. Letters too small.

What we're sure of as of the moment are these. The real PSP2 will:

• Have front and back cameras;
• Have dual nub controllers;
• Have half the strength of the PS3 graphics-wise;
• Resemble the PSP Go!;
• Hell be expensive ;
• Have 3G capabilities based on previous dev leaks
• Have a touchpad at its backside based on current leaked photos;
• Not have UMD support based on current dev leaks and leaked photos;
• Not have overheating issues anymore when it goes on sale – that is, about Q3 2011. Maybe. Only Sony knows;
• Be a lot harder to hack. So I suggest you modders hold on to your PSPs for a little while because the PSP2 ain't gonna surrender her secrets anytime soon.

I'm not even thinking of owning this baby anytime soon after its official release on the market. For one, there's surely going to be a better "PSP2 Slim" a couple of months after the original PSP2. Another one and like I said: It's going to be hell expensive. And how about the games? Don't forget its games. $64.00 a pop? Too much. Hey, I'm just telling you what I think about the real PSP2.

'Till my next installment.

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