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Garena has recently updated their anti-hack system on November 10, 2010. Since then, players will receive a 'A maphacked copy of Warcraft II is detected. Please remove the hacks and reinstall Warcraft III to avoid your account being banned' message if they attempt to load the game with Garena map hacks or experience hacks. Nevertheless, determined players will always be determined to cheat no matter what happens.

Fortunately, Garenahack-er has released the Garena Universal Map Hack v10 (working and latest December 1, 2010) which doesn't modify any Garena files at all, so it's perfectly undetected. It also doesn't require other Garena hacks to run.

The Garena Universal Map Hack v10 supports the latest Warcraft v1.24e patch and below. It also has added Fog of War removal support.


Garena Universal Map Hack v10
Warcraft III Client with v1.24e patch and below

Download the Latest Working Garena Universal Map Hack v10 Here


1. Download the Garena Universal Map Hack v10 from the link above;
2. Extract the contents of the download to your desktop;
3. Run the Garena Universal MH.exe. Set the path of your War3.exe on the space provided;
4. Click Start Universal Map Hack;
5. Launch Warcraft III using your Garena client. Play.


• Uncheck some Garena Universal Map Hack features if your Warcraft III client fails to start or encounters a fatal error. 
• Do not use this map hack in combination with other Garena hacks or else it would fail.
• Do understand that using this program may get you banned if caught.

Versions supported: Warcraft III 1.24b, 1.24c, 1.24d, 1.24e, selected older versions

Working as of: December 1, 2010

I hope I helped you guys with this Garena Universal Map Hack v10. Credits to GarenaHack-er for making this program.

'Till my next installment.

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