2011 Non-Working Holidays Philippines | 2011 Public Holidays Philippines

You might've heard word about Pres. Aquino's memo that changed former Pres. Arroyo's order about non-working and public holidays here in the Philippines. For your information, the Philippines is the top nation here in Southeast Asia that has the most holidays in a given year - 21 holidays.

Anyway, public and non-working holidays in the Philippines are listed below:

Public Holidays:
January 1 (New Year’s Day) – Saturday
April 9 (Araw ng Kagitingan) – Saturday
April 21 (Maundy Thursday) – Thursday
April 22 (Good Friday) – Friday
May 1 (Labor Day) – Sunday
June 12 (Independence Day) – Sunday
August 29 (National Heroes Day) – Monday
December 25 (Christmas Day) – Sunday
December 30 (Rizal Day) – Friday

Non-Working Holidays:
August 21 (Ninoy Aquino Day) – Sunday
November 1 (All Saints Day) – Tuesday
December 31 (Last Day) – Saturday

There's lots of public and non-working holidays falling on Saturdays and Sundays too. Bummer eh?

'Till my next installment.

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